vitamin deficiency test in Pompano Beach

Why you need a vitamin deficiency test

Fighting deficiencies

Many people are not aware that they don’t get enough nutrients from their diet. Older adults, immunocompromised individuals, and those recovering from surgery will benefit a lot from this test.

Diet adjustment

The results of the vitamin deficiency test will paint a picture of your overall health. You will know what diet adjustments you need to achieve optimal nutrition.

Proactive prevention

Vitamin deficiencies can cause serious health problems. A blood test for vitamin deficiency is an effective tool to determine and treat nutritional problems early.

Personalized approach

Vitamin requirements are different for each individual. Through a blood test for vitamin deficiency, you will know what vitamins you need to boost.

Easy Process of getting Tested

We make lab tests easy: no queues, no travel time, no waiting time.
Our lab tests are convenient, from booking to results

You book your


Our Licensed nurse takes samples at your location or our office


We take
the samples
to our laboratory
for examination


We interpret
the results to help
you understand
the findings


We send
the results
to you online

Get a blood test for personalized IV therapy

It is ideal to take our blood test before getting a membership or availing of any IV treatments. Based on the results, we will know what vitamin you’re missing and we can make a personalized IV therapy just for you.
IV Concierge will give you the VIP treatment. There’s no waiting in line just to get a blood test. You can book your test and we will go to your location to get the sample.
We will give you the best concierge service anywhere – your house, hotel room, office, etc. You can also walk into our clinic to get a blood test and a personalized IV treatment after.

our most popular drips

Each IV contains finest minerals and vitamins that get absorbed by your body by 99%

Why choose IV Concierge
for vitamin deficiency testing

Quick result

IV Concierge offers accurate, fast, and convenient blood testing for vitamin deficiency. We partnered with major laboratories to give you results in as fast as 24 hours.

customer focus

We take pride in our customer-centered approach to wellness. From sampling to results, we prioritize your comfort.

IV drips

We also offer IV drips that will help fight your vitamin deficiency. Whether it’s Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and other deficiencies, IV Concierge can help you feel better.


How will I receive the results?
Once the lab results are available, we will send you an email that includes login details to our portal. You can download the results, so you can share them with your physician, healthcare provider, employer, etc.
Do I need to fast before the lab test?
Our licensed medical professionals will ask you to fast before the test for accurate results. This is required especially for CMP and Lipid Panel tests.
Do I need doctor’s orders to have lab tests done?
IV Concierge doesn’t require doctor’s orders or insurance to conduct your laboratory test. Feel free to book your test anytime!
How and where can I get tested?
We provide in-home testing where our licensed medical professionals take lab samples in your preferred location. There’s no need to get out of your house.
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