*Results available in 48-72 hours

TOTAL WELLNESS Test in Fort Lauderdale

*Results available in 24-48 hours
Test Includes:
All inclusions of the Baseline Wellness Test, Vitamin B12 Test, Vitamin D Test, Vitamin C Test, Zinc Test
$ 385.00
$ 285.00

This test includes the following

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Results will show if you have inflammation, infection, anemia, etc.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

Results will show potential problems in organ function, blood sugar electrolytes, and protein levels.

Lipid Panel

Results will show your risk level for heart disease and high blood pressure.

Vitamin B12 Test

Low Vitamin B12 levels will cause muscle weakness, fatigue, numbness, memory problems, nerve damage, etc.

Vitamin D Test

Low Vitamin D levels lead to bone density loss, osteoporosis, and susceptibility to fractures.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

Results will show potential problems in organ function, blood sugar electrolytes, and protein levels.

Magnesium Test

Results will show if you have abnormal magnesium levels that could affect heart, nerve, and muscle functions.

C-reactive protein (CRP) Test

Results with very high c-reactive protein levels indicate acute inflammation.

Vitamin C Test

Low Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) will lead to a condition called scurvy. It causes dental issues, bruising, anemia, poor immunity, etc.

Zinc Test

Low zinc levels cause vision problems, unexpected weight loss, rash, cold systems, hair loss, and brain fog.

Easy Process of getting Blood Test

We make lab tests easy: no queues, no travel time, no waiting time.
Our lab tests are convenient, from booking to results

You book your


Our licensed
medical professional
takes blood sample
at your location


We take
the samples
to our laboratory
for examination


We interpret
the results to help
you understand
the findings


We send
the results
to you online

How laboratory tests work in IV Concierge

Our lab tests will help diagnose diseases, deficiencies, imbalances, and abnormalities in your blood chemistry. It will also show if your diet is providing all your needed nutrients.

Our licensed nurse will draw lab samples at your location. These samples will be sent to our lab where our experts will examine and interpret the results for you. Also, we will send the interpreted results via email for your convenience.

IV Concierge serves as the express lane for all your needed lab tests. We have industry-standard equipment and partnerships with major local laboratories.

see our nurses in action
providing immunity boost all over miami


How will I receive the results?
Once the lab results are available, we will send you an email that includes login details to our portal. You can download the results, so you can share them with your physician, healthcare provider, employer, etc..
How will I receive the results?
Once the lab results are available, we will send you an email that includes login details to our portal. You can download the results, so you can share them with your physician, healthcare provider, employer, etc.
Do I need to fast before the lab test?
Our licensed medical professionals will ask you to fast before the test for accurate results. This is required especially for CMP and Lipid Panel tests.
Do I need doctor’s orders to have lab tests done?
IV Concierge doesn’t require doctor’s orders or insurance to conduct your laboratory test. Feel free to book your test anytime!
How and where can I get tested?
We provide in-home testing where our licensed medical professionals take lab samples in your preferred location. There’s no need to get out of your house.
Meet our highly trained certified team
Natalie Gailis IV Concierge therapy
Natalie Gailis, RN BSN is a Registered Nurse with 18 years of clinical Nursing and educational experience, she earned her Bachelor Nursing Degree from University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.

After graduation, she immediately jumped in the most challenging field in nursing Emergency Room in the heart of Beverly Hills one of the biggest and best hospitals in the country, Cedars Sinai Medical Hospital, where she worked hands on performing patient care for more than 15 years. read more
Natalie Gailis
18 years of medical experience
Jonathan Rakofsky, MD, is an Emergency Medicine physician in West Palm Beach, Florida. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Emory University. in Atlanta, Georgia

Then he earned his Medical Doctor degree from the Ponce School of Medicine in 2012.. Following graduation, he moved to Detroit, Michigan where he completed an Emergency Medicine residency at Henry Ford Hospital.
Jonathan Rakofsky
Maksim Gailis

Me and my wife were traveling to Europe and needed the same day PCR test. From the minute I contacted this team, they were professional, upfront and extremely efficient. Communication was clear, and nurse comes to our home to perform the painless swab. We received our results just on time they promised. I would highly recommend IV Concierge for rapid Covid testing needs! Thank you for your awesome service!

Teni Danoukh

I recently traveled down to Miami and needed a Covid-19 PCR test, Natalie was able to come down to my hotel and quickly and seamlessly swab me. Of course, I had one too many drinks and called her early the next morning for an IV, she came within the hour and revived me. I couldn’t ask for a better service. Thank you! 


Hired Iv concierge for Iv Therapy. Needed a fast recovery after a long week of work. Natalia was very professional and brought me back to life. Definitely I am a long term customer of this company.

Peter Malone

Couldn’t be happier with the service. I’ve spent a lot of time researching IV therapy and this is by far the best option in so many different ways. Their service and professionalism is top notch. They really take care of you, and the combination of the amazing services they offer with their great business ethics are really life changing and I wish more people would try this. Don’t trust anyone else for your IV therapy!

Isabelle Gordon

After traveling for hours not stop, I was feeling drained and exhausted. I called IV concierge as soon as I got to Miami and they were able to send someone instantly. I got the all in drip and I still can’t believe how much of a difference it made. I feel healthy and energized and ready for my vacation. The nurse was so sweet and professional, I felt safe and taken care of. If your’e in need of an IV… call them.

Tamara Shak
While traveling to Florida, I used a service IV therapy offered by IV concierge. I was thrilled to find such amazing professionals who were not only knowledgeable but extremely friendly. The process was seamless and enjoyable. Definitely will use them again!
Armine Orugyan

I had the best experience with IV Concierge. I wasn’t feeling well and needed some relief fast. I contact one of the nurses at IV Concierge and later that day they came to me and set up an IV therapy that did wonders. I instantly felt better. Would defiantly recommend them in case you need some assistance.

Lidia Tunyan

I had amazing experience with this company! My PCR covid test was done on time and same day! I just had All in IV infusion with NAD and Vitamin D! I feel like I’m a new person! Will definitely use this company again!

Devin Starkoff

Yesterday I was feeling very achy, nauseous, weak, and tired and got the Cold and Flu drip with some to it this morning and I felt so much better within 30 minutes of it being administered. I have already recommended it to others and will definitely be using these services again. The nurse who came had such a wonderful bedside manner and was super professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for such a wonderful service!

Richard Ferrucci

The staff could not be nicer. They were early to all appointments, but checked in to make sure it was ok for us. The whole staff was so supportive and kind. Highly recommend using this service.


I needed a rapid PCR Test for traveling, and IV Concierge scheduled same day appointment. The nurse arrived on time and completed same day PCR test swab. I got my results fast. I recommend them!

David T

They save my trip to Canada, and on a weekend too. I gut my pcr Covid test back at 7 AM on a Sunday in time for my morning flight.

Great communication and professional service. Highly recommended!

Biana K

The team at IV Concierge is so professional and educated. I needed a PCR test for traveling back to LA, I called them and had them perform the same day PCR test without a hiccup. I would 100% recommend this to anyone that likes being treated like VIP and having a knowledgable medical staff on their side.


I was in Florida for the winter and had to take a trip to Europe. Without the correct paperwork I was not allowed to fly. Therefore i reached out to IV Concierge and they sent me a nurse to do a same day PCR Covid test. I cant stress enough how professional they were in arranging the whole matter and conducting the test. Definitely would use them again.

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Too sick, exhausted, jet-lagged or hung over to move?
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