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Extend your health and longevity by increasing your NAD levels.


What is NAD IV Therapy?

NAD+ is an acronym that stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This is a coenzyme formed from vitamin B3 and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). NAD+ is involved in 300+ physiological processes in the human body, including DNA repair, stress response, aging, metabolism, and more.

However, our NAD+ levels decrease as we grow older. This is why NAD IV Therapy is formulated by experts!

The NAD IV Therapy of IV Concierge will restore your NAD levels, so your body will be at its best. Unlike oral supplements, our IV drip will deliver NAD+ straight to your bloodstream. You will feel the benefits fast and without the harsh side effects.

What happens when NAD+
levels increase

your body

Increased NAD+ levels in your body reduce the risk of various health problems. NAD IV Therapy enhances DNA repair, so you won’t easily experience age-related conditions.

Fighting free radicals

Our NAD IV Therapy will help slow down aging and reduce the risk of illness by flushing out toxins and free radicals that damage your body.

Improving cellular energy

NAD+ helps convert the food you eat into fuel that will power up your body cells. This is why our NAD IV Therapy is an effective energy booster!

Benefits of NAD
IV Therapy

Our NAD IV Therapy will help slow down aging and delay age-related health problems. Our IV drip aids in the restoration of your cell’s mitochondrial integrity, which is integral in keeping your body healthy.

Aside from NAD, this IV drip is also infused with vitamins and minerals. It’s a powerful cocktail that will fuel your body better than any supplement you may find on the market.

So while NAD works on repairing your DNA, the additional nutrients boost your immunity, treat deficiencies, clear brain fog, and enhance your overall well-being. There’s no reason not to try the NAD IV Therapy!

NAD IV Therapy is the best anti-aging infusion

NAD plays an integral role in the activity of enzymes called sirtuins. Sirtuins are responsible for extending the lifespan of your DNA and its functions are highly dependent on NAD. This means our NAD IV Therapy can help delay aging!

Sirtuins are enzymes that respond to damage in your body to fix it. It also removes any decaying parts of the body cell, so it’s ready for new and healthy growth. All of these are possible if there is enough NAD in your body.


Did you know?

IV vitamin therapy is used by celebrities, athletes,
and people worldwide to prevent exhaustion.

nad iv infusion therapy

Let’s boost your energy!

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the main fuel of our body cells. It keeps healthy functions of our muscles, DNA, cellular respiration, and various biological processes.

NAD IV Therapy help increase the concentration of ATP, so you will feel more energized after the treatment. It will also help you beat fatigue, jetlag, and exhaustion fast. People with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) will also find immediate relief from this treatment.

iv rejuvenation therapy

Slows down the aging process

NAD is one of the most effective and potent anti-aging compounds. Since it boosts the functions of the Sirtuins enzyme, NAD is believed to have the ability to turn off certain aging genes.

Increased sirtuin functions also mean better blood sugar management, healthy fat storage, and slow aging. This means fewer wrinkles on your face even as you gain more years!

Know your ingredients


The nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme that boosts DNA repair and potentially slows down the aging process. You can get up to 500 mg of NAD on our IV Therapy drip.


This will deliver hydration straight to your bloodstream to fight signs of dehydration like headache, skin irritation, dry mouth, and more.



simple process


Your Drip




We come to your


feel better

Why choose IV vitamin therapy?


Strengthen your immunity

to fight infections & illnesses

Receive nutrients fast

straight into your bloodstream

Boost absorption rate

up to 90% to 100% and
higher than oral absorption

Beat hangovers fast

within minutes upon starting the treatment

Get it anywhere

in your home, hotel, office, etc.

Avoid stomach problems

by getting nutrients your digestive
system can’t absorb

Increase hydration

to fight life-threatening symptoms of dehydration

Debunking myths about IV Vitamin Therapy

IV therapy is 100% safe if administered by a licensed medical professional. It’s as safe as the IV drips you receive at local hospitals.

IV therapy is not dangerous or experimental. It’s a misconception that’s far from the truth.

This therapy involves a safe process that uses the same expertise and equipment found in hospitals.

Discomfort levels during IV therapy vary for each person, but it’s not excruciatingly painful.
IV therapy is intended to deliver nutrients into your body using an intravenous needle. Clients will experience slight pain in the injection area, especially those who are afraid of needles. Overall, clients will only experience minor discomfort during the duration of the therapy. Also, the benefits of IV therapy outweigh the slight discomfort you may feel.
IV therapy is very effective in reducing common cold symptoms and speeding up the person’s recovery from the infection.
While you can’t always prevent a cold, the vitamin C ingredient of IV therapy can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the infection duration. Regular use of IV therapy with vitamin C will also boost your immune system to reduce your risk of contracting colds.
A healthy diet is integral for your wellness, but the food is sometimes not enough to supply all your needed nutrients.
Some food items lose their nutrients when cooked or consumed. In many cases, low bioavailability is an issue as the gastrointestinal tract may not have enough time to absorb all the nutrients during the digestion process. Some individuals need an added dose of nutrients aside from the ones they get from food or supplements. IV therapy solves this problem by delivering the nutrients straight to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This way, nutrients are absorbed by the body in their purest form and with the highest absorption rate possible.
The effects and benefits of IV therapy is felt almost instantly.

Since the nutrients are delivered into the bloodstream, you will feel the effects immediately. The nutrients will flow into your bloodstream the moment the drip is connected to the needle inserted into your vein. You will have higher energy levels, better skin complexion, and faster relief from various sickness symptoms right after your IV drip session.

IV therapy is based on scientific evidence. This treatment has been proven to relieve various health problems, including fatigue, headaches, dehydration, nausea, and more. If you’re interested to try IV therapy, feel free to call us to book your appointment. One of our licensed nurses will discuss the treatment with you one-on-one. We will also develop the best wellness plan tailored especially for your needs.

Vitamins, minerals & supplements used in our IV drips
We’ll schedule a medical consultation

Before we do your drip, we will determine the best amount of ingredients that are needed for your body


Our friendly and qualified team will take such good care of you that you will want to keep coming back

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We’ll provide only premium quality ingredients

We make sure you get the best outcome possible

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frequently asked questions

Definitely! NAD IV Therapy is guaranteed safe as a wellness treatment. NAD is naturally present in every cell in your body, so you don’t have to worry about negative effects. Our IV drip will boost your NAD levels, so you’ll enjoy its anti-aging benefits.

The only side effects our clients experience with NAD IV Therapy is slight bruising on the injection area. Some felt a warm/cool sensation in their arms. While we haven’t encountered this, there are cases when the person may have a flushed feeling or nausea. Nevertheless, most side effects clear up fast.

Our licensed and trained nurse will determine the best frequency for your NAD IV Therapy. We can do it monthly or as frequently as weekly, depending on your needs.

NAD IV Therapy is not a treatment for alcohol addiction, but it can help in the restoration of the appropriate brain biochemistry of the affected person. Our clients dealing with alcohol issues have experienced relief and reduced alcohol cravings after getting NAD IV Therapy. Still, this treatment is not a replacement for proper addiction rehabilitation.

Most adults can get NAD IV Therapy after a consultation with our in-house physician. However, if you’re undergoing certain medical treatments or taking medications, you must consult your attending physician first. Pregnant women and individuals with active cancer are not going to be administered NAD IV Therapy.

IV therapy treatments are relatively painless. The only pain you will feel is the pinch of the IV needle. Most of our clients report zero discomforts! It’s because our licensed and experienced staff know exactly what they are doing and they always aim to give our clients the most comfortable treatment possible.

Maksim Gailis

Me and my wife were traveling to Europe and needed the same day PCR test. From the minute I contacted this team, they were professional, upfront and extremely efficient. Communication was clear, and nurse comes to our home to perform the painless swab. We received our results just on time they promised. I would highly recommend IV Concierge for rapid Covid testing needs! Thank you for your awesome service!

Teni Danoukh

I recently traveled down to Miami and needed a Covid-19 PCR test, Natalie was able to come down to my hotel and quickly and seamlessly swab me. Of course, I had one too many drinks and called her early the next morning for an IV, she came within the hour and revived me. I couldn’t ask for a better service. Thank you! 


Hired Iv concierge for Iv Therapy. Needed a fast recovery after a long week of work. Natalia was very professional and brought me back to life. Definitely I am a long term customer of this company.

Peter Malone

Couldn’t be happier with the service. I’ve spent a lot of time researching IV therapy and this is by far the best option in so many different ways. Their service and professionalism is top notch. They really take care of you, and the combination of the amazing services they offer with their great business ethics are really life changing and I wish more people would try this. Don’t trust anyone else for your IV therapy!

Isabelle Gordon

After traveling for hours not stop, I was feeling drained and exhausted. I called IV concierge as soon as I got to Miami and they were able to send someone instantly. I got the all in drip and I still can’t believe how much of a difference it made. I feel healthy and energized and ready for my vacation. The nurse was so sweet and professional, I felt safe and taken care of. If your’e in need of an IV… call them.

Tamara Shak
While traveling to Florida, I used a service IV therapy offered by IV concierge. I was thrilled to find such amazing professionals who were not only knowledgeable but extremely friendly. The process was seamless and enjoyable. Definitely will use them again!
Armine Orugyan

I had the best experience with IV Concierge. I wasn’t feeling well and needed some relief fast. I contact one of the nurses at IV Concierge and later that day they came to me and set up an IV therapy that did wonders. I instantly felt better. Would defiantly recommend them in case you need some assistance.

Lidia Tunyan

I had amazing experience with this company! My PCR covid test was done on time and same day! I just had All in IV infusion with NAD and Vitamin D! I feel like I’m a new person! Will definitely use this company again!

Devin Starkoff

Yesterday I was feeling very achy, nauseous, weak, and tired and got the Cold and Flu drip with some to it this morning and I felt so much better within 30 minutes of it being administered. I have already recommended it to others and will definitely be using these services again. The nurse who came had such a wonderful bedside manner and was super professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for such a wonderful service!

Richard Ferrucci

The staff could not be nicer. They were early to all appointments, but checked in to make sure it was ok for us. The whole staff was so supportive and kind. Highly recommend using this service.


I needed a rapid PCR Test for traveling, and IV Concierge scheduled same day appointment. The nurse arrived on time and completed same day PCR test swab. I got my results fast. I recommend them!

David T

They save my trip to Canada, and on a weekend too. I gut my pcr Covid test back at 7 AM on a Sunday in time for my morning flight.

Great communication and professional service. Highly recommended!

Biana K

The team at IV Concierge is so professional and educated. I needed a PCR test for traveling back to LA, I called them and had them perform the same day PCR test without a hiccup. I would 100% recommend this to anyone that likes being treated like VIP and having a knowledgable medical staff on their side.


I was in Florida for the winter and had to take a trip to Europe. Without the correct paperwork I was not allowed to fly. Therefore i reached out to IV Concierge and they sent me a nurse to do a same day PCR Covid test. I cant stress enough how professional they were in arranging the whole matter and conducting the test. Definitely would use them again.

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