Pre party iv Therapy in Miami

Best uses: Overnighter, wedding, long weekend, festival
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Causes of hangovers


Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it will make you urinate more. This will flush out fluids from your body, causing dizziness, fatigue, and headaches the next day. If not addressed right away, severe dehydration can cause life-threatening effects.

Stomach irritation

Alcohol will mess up your stomach lining due to the increased production of acid. When this happens, digestive processes will become slower and you will suffer from nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. It will also make oral hangover remedies less effective.

Low blood sugar level

Alcohol will increase the production of insulin in your bloodstream. This will deplete your blood sugar levels fast, leading to fatigue, weakness, light-headedness, shaking, and other hangover symptoms. In severe cases, fainting and seizures may happen.

Blood pressure changes

Alcohol is a vasodilator, which means it causes blood vessels to widen. But if taken in large amounts, alcohol would do the opposite by shrinking your blood vessels. Both will cause sudden drops or spikes in your blood pressure, leading to nagging hangover headaches.

Increased inflammatory responses

Alcohol heightens your immune system’s inflammatory response once it’s introduced to your system. This leads to memory problems, brain fog, poor appetite, lethargy, and other physical hangover symptoms.

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Did you know?

IV vitamin therapy is used by celebrities, athletes,
and people worldwide to prevent exhaustion.


Help your body prepare for the party and reduce the effects of alcohol

IV Concierge’s Pre-Party IV has fluids and nutrients to keep your body energized. It will prepare your body to fight the unbearable after-party hangover symptoms.
We’ll make sure you’re well-hydrated and have plenty of vitamins and electrolytes to help you keep the party going.
iv hydration after drinking
Reduce the effects of alcohol with pre party IV therapy

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Why choose IV vitamin therapy?

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ivconcierge__L-CARNITINE (3)
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Strengthen your immunity

to fight infections & illnesses

Receive nutrients fast

straight into your bloodstream

Boost absorption rate

up to 90% to 100% and
higher than oral absorption

Beat hangovers fast

within minutes upon starting the treatment

Get it anywhere

in your home, hotel, office, etc.

Avoid stomach problems

by getting nutrients your digestive
system can’t absorb

Increase hydration

to fight life-threatening symptoms of dehydration

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Debunking myths about IV Vitamin Therapy

IV therapy is 100% safe if administered by a licensed medical professional. It’s as safe as the IV drips you receive at local hospitals.

IV therapy is not dangerous or experimental. It’s a misconception that’s far from the truth.


This therapy involves a safe process that uses the same expertise and equipment found in hospitals. 

IV therapy is 100% safe if administered by a licensed medical professional. It’s as safe as the IV drips you receive at local hospitals.
IV therapy is not dangerous or experimental. It’s a misconception that’s far from the truth. This therapy involves a safe process that uses the same expertise and equipment found in hospitals.
Discomfort levels during IV therapy vary for each person, but it’s not excruciatingly painful.
IV therapy is intended to deliver nutrients into your body using an intravenous needle. Clients will experience slight pain in the injection area, especially those who are afraid of needles. Overall, clients will only experience minor discomfort during the duration of the therapy. Also, the benefits of IV therapy outweigh the slight discomfort you may feel.
IV therapy is very effective in reducing common cold symptoms and speeding up the person’s recovery from the infection.
While you can’t always prevent a cold, the vitamin C ingredient of IV therapy can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the infection duration. Regular use of IV therapy with vitamin C will also boost your immune system to reduce your risk of contracting colds.
A healthy diet is integral for your wellness, but the food is sometimes not enough to supply all your needed nutrients.
Some food items lose their nutrients when cooked or consumed. In many cases, low bioavailability is an issue as the gastrointestinal tract may not have enough time to absorb all the nutrients during the digestion process. Some individuals need an added dose of nutrients aside from the ones they get from food or supplements. IV therapy solves this problem by delivering the nutrients straight to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This way, nutrients are absorbed by the body in their purest form and with the highest absorption rate possible.
The effects and benefits of IV therapy is felt almost instantly.

Since the nutrients are delivered into the bloodstream, you will feel the effects immediately. The nutrients will flow into your bloodstream the moment the drip is connected to the needle inserted into your vein. You will have higher energy levels, better skin complexion, and faster relief from various sickness symptoms right after your IV drip session.

IV therapy is based on scientific evidence. This treatment has been proven to relieve various health problems, including fatigue, headaches, dehydration, nausea, and more. If you’re interested to try IV therapy, feel free to call us to book your appointment. One of our licensed nurses will discuss the treatment with you one-on-one. We will also develop the best wellness plan tailored especially for your needs.

Vitamins, minerals & supplements used in our IV drips
We’ll schedule a medical consultation

Before we do your drip, we will determine the best amount of ingredients that are needed for your body


Our friendly and qualified team will take such good care of you that you will want to keep coming back

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We’ll provide only premium quality ingredients

We make sure you get the best outcome possible

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