myers cocktail iv treatment in miami

MYERS COCKTAIL IV Therapy in North Miami Beach


myers cocktail iv treatment in miami

Best uses:
migraines, fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome), acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, cardiovascular disease


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Benefits of the Myers Cocktail IV Therapy

Stronger immunity

The powerful infusion of vitamins, minerals, and fluids from the Myers Cocktail IV will boost your immunity for a stronger defense against infections and illnesses. This translates to fewer sick days and fewer hospital visits!

Sharper memory

The Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex of the Myers Cocktail IV will jumpstart your brain to beat brain fog, poor concentration, and dull memory. This treatment will enhance your mind, even with age-related memory issues.

Faster recovery

All the ingredients of the Myers Cocktail IV Therapy will enhance your health at a cellular level. This will speed up your recovery from various ailments like flu, common colds, muscle spasms, allergies, and more. You will bounce back fast and easy!

Higher energy

Always exhausted and sluggish? The Myers Cocktail IV Therapy is the ultimate energy booster! This drip will restore your energy levels if you’re dealing with a severe hangover, jetlag, post-workout conditions, and more.

Better mood

The Myers Cocktail IV Therapy will stimulate the production of feel-good hormones. It will help eliminate stress, so you will feel calm despite a busy schedule.


Did you know that

The Myers Cocktail has been proven to deliver long-lasting benefits for athletic performance. It’s an effective energy booster for pre- and post-workout recovery even without oral supplements. This treatment also alleviates post-workout symptoms like fatigue, muscle pain, and weakness. It’s also a powerful remedy for allergies, chronic sinusitis, common colds, and blood pressure issues.

Know your ingredients

IV Fluids

The IV fluids of Myers Cocktail IV will restore much-needed hydration of your body.


Both a mineral and an electrolyte, magnesium is involved in regulating your DNA, nerves, muscles, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Vitamin B Complex

The B complex vitamin will reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and boost your mood.


The electrolytes will keep the balance on your bodily fluids and ensure proper cell functions.


Calcium is responsible in the maintenance of your teeth and bones as well as proper heart rhythm and blood clotting.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C will enhance your immunity and support your body’s healing process.

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