iv therapy hydration miami

hydration iv therapy in West Palm Beach


iv therapy hydration miami

Best uses:
Chronic dehydration, Hot climate/weather, Replenish electrolytes


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Did you know?

About 1/3 of the human body is made of water! Meanwhile, an average adult loses around 3 liters of body fluids each day. The fluids are flushed out through two main functions: sweating and urination. Fluid loss would be much higher for people with active lifestyles and living in hot climates.
Unfortunately, drinking water isn’t always enough. Many people also don’t consume enough water per day, which increases the risk of dehydration.

This is exactly what the IV Hydration Therapy Treatment is all about. It replenishes your lost fluids straight to your bloodstream for fast relief from dehydration. Aside from preventing dehydration, the IV Hydration Therapy will also keep you feeling fresh all day.


Prioritize your health with IV Hydration Therapy

The IV Hydration Therapy will revitalize your body by delivering ample fluids necessary for cellular processes. In less than an hour, you will feel good as new after a bout with dehydration.
With IV Concierge, staying hydrated just got easier. Call us and we will send one of our licensed nurses to give you the IV Hydration Therapy — anytime, anywhere. We can go to your house, hotel, office, and wherever you find convenient.
Depending on your location, we can reach you in as fast as one hour. We can also make a personalized infusion so you will get more from your hydration.

What happens when you get dehydrated?

Chronic headaches

Do you know that your brain shrinks when you’re dehydrated? As the brain tissues pull away from the skull, you will experience headaches. The more dehydrated you are, the bigger your headache will be!


Without sufficient fluids, your blood pressure goes down and blood supply to the brain dwindles. This leads to lightheadedness and even fainting. Our IV Hydration Therapy can fix this immediately.

Dry mouth

When you’re dehydrated, your salivary glands can’t produce enough saliva. This will make your mouth dry, which increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Don’t let your body go thirsty!

Our IV fluids will ensure that your body gets its much-needed hydration. You can supplement your glasses of water with this IV therapy to enjoy sufficient hydration all day long.
Are you a reluctant drinker? The IV Hydration IV Therapy will solve the problem! Instead of forcing yourself to chug glasses of water, we can deliver the fluids straight to your bloodstream.

Boost your energy with proper hydration

An IV Hydration IV Therapy Treatment will ensure that your body has enough fuel to produce energy. You can sweat with confidence knowing that your body has enough hydration for the day.
Make dehydration a thing of the past. Start your wellness with our IV Hydration Drip and don’t hesitate to try other infusions.

Know your ingredients

IV Fluids

Our IV Hydration Therapy has special IV fluids to deliver powerful hydration.


The electrolytes of our IV drip will reset the imbalance on your body fluids and to achieve proper cellular functions.

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