Why Should You Seek IV Therapy To Recover From Cold and Flu

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Most of us have been in the situation — you or someone you know has the flu and his/her condition gets worse. You get weaker, your throat starts to hurt, your body aches, and your overall condition looks iffy. But there is a way you can fight back against the cold and flu and it’s with iv therapy for cold and flu.

Do you want to know why you should seek IV therapy, but don’t understand the benefits? Read below to find out how IV therapy can help you recover from a cold or the flu.

First, what is IV therapy?

IV Therapy is a system of administering fluids, nutrients, and vitamins directly to the bloodstream of a patient. Every combination of nutrients in an IV drip is different based on the condition being treated.

Secondly, are cold and flu the same?

Oftentimes, many can tell the difference between the two because they share a lot of similar characteristics. One, both conditions are caused by viruses and their symptoms are very similar so it’s almost impossible to tell the difference.

Any person with a cold or flu is bound to exhibit symptoms such as congestion of the chest, cough, stuffy nose, and sore throat.

However, the difference is that while your flu symptoms are accompanied by fever, chills, achiness, fatigue, headache, your cold symptoms on the other hand are rarely accompanied by fever and mostly cause the person affected, upper respiratory discomfort rather than general aching of the body.

Another way to determine whether you have a cold or flu is to observe how fast the related symptoms occur. This is because while flu symptoms happen quickly, colds are usually gradual.

Lastly, one huge difference between cold and flu is the duration and how long it takes. A cold usually lasts about a week while the flu can last for a couple of days and extend to a few weeks.

However, if the cold or flu leads to a complication like sinuses infection or pneumonia, then recovery duration might take longer.

Thirdly, what time of the year is considered the flu and cold season?

In the U.S, most cold cases have been historically diagnosed and mostly happen from September to March. On the other hand, flu mostly happens in the early days of December to March.

Young sick woman sitting on sofa drinking tea

Now, before we take a look at how IV for Cold and flu works, let’s dive into one of the things that could increase your chances of catching the flu…dehydration

What is Dehydration?

This is a condition where the body lacks adequate water due to lack of intake or sickness

How does dehydration increase your chances of catching the flu?

Asides from boosting your system’s immune function, it also helps to make sure that the body is performing optimally, helps to remove toxins as well as bacteria from the body by flushing them out thereby improving your health.

So, in a situation whereby the body lacks water, the reverse of the benefits of hydration is bound to happen.

Now, let’s dive into how IV therapy helps you to recover from Cold & flu and why you should use it.

Why Should You Seek IV Therapy To Recover From Cold and Flu

When a person catches a cold or comes down with the flu, they must stay hydrated as cold and flu symptoms like vomiting and fever are likely to cause dehydration.

This is where IV therapy comes in, as it helps in the replacement of lost fluids thereby preventing dehydration and making sure the body is working optimally.

Also, IV drips are usually filled with all kinds of vitamins like Zinc C, Vitamin C, and glutathione. These vitamins are immune-boosting thereby helping the body fight off diseases. For instance, Zinc has been proven to help cut short how long a cold lasts by 50% and also help protect the body against bacteria and viral infections.

Another vitamin contained in IV therapy for cold and flu is Vitamin C. The human body does not naturally generate but this vitamin is also immune-boosting. According to studies, 200mg of Vitamin C also helps to shorten the risk of catching a cold by 50% especially for people who are usually active while also reducing the duration of a cold in people who are not very active or with a basic level of activity.

Vitamin C also has various benefits like helping to fight off infection, increasing iron absorption, and maintenance of strong bones.

Lastly, Glutathione also helps to boost the immune system and if you are someone already infected with a virus-causing cold or flu, glutathione helps in reducing your discomfort as well as chest congestion.

Need relief from the flu?

At IV Concierge we offer a quick and convenient way to get back on your feet after the draining effects of a cold or flu. With our mobile IV therapy services, we can make you feel better almost instantly wherever you are in Miami or South Florida.

We at IV Concierge are here to make your life more enjoyable. Whether that’s by helping you when you get sick or just bringing a smile to your face, we love what we do.

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Discover the Top 4 Tips

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