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Why Choose Myers Cocktail IV Treatment?


Let’s be honest…


Dehydration is probably one of the worst things you could put yourself through, especially if it lingers for a long period of time. This is why IV therapy is amazing; it instantly delivers fluids, along with nutrition and essential vitamins into your body. Honestly, your organs, your body, YOU need to be hydrated. In our previous articles, we’ve established that we are mainly made up of water and we must stay hydrated, because the symptoms of dehydration can take a toll on you and manifest into various illnesses as you age. Although we speak a lot about dehydration and the importance of hydration, today, we going to cover the immense benefits of Myers Cocktail IV therapy.


It improves both your physical and emotional well-being. Through the IV treatment, you’ll have better immunity and increased energy levels. So, what does that all mean? Without further ado, let’s dive in into the details.


As a traveler, you must have a negative COVID 19 test result or a document that legally shows you either recovered from COVID before boarding a flight or that you are coronavirus free.

myers infusion

What is the Myers Cocktail Infusion?

The Myers Cocktail is an intravenous infusion of several nutrients and vitamins injected into the body to reduce symptoms of different medical ailments.


This treatment was named after Dr. John Myers, M.D. through the intravenous introduction of this mixture to the body, high levels of concentration of essential nutrients and vitamins work better than when you take them orally via supplements/pill form.


What Are Myers Cocktail IV Ingredients?

Myers Cocktail IV has the following nutrients and vitamins.


  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for preventing immune system deficiencies, eye diseases, improves appearance of your skin, and may prevents cardiovascular diseases.


  • Magnesium

This is a crucial nutrient in your body as it aids in bone health. It helps to absorb calcium and reduces the risk of developing issues like diabetes, relieves migraine, reduces anxiety, helps to reduce PMS symptoms, and maintains your heart’s health.


  • B Vitamins

There are several health benefits from B Vitamins. It’s essential for growth and development, aids in energy production, keeps the eyes healthy, the skin, and the nervous system. B Vitamins also help your digestive system process food better. All in all, there are countless benefits of B vitamins.


  • Calcium

While calcium makes your bones strong, it also controls blood pressure, protects the muscles of your heart, helps to maintain optimal body weight, and has also been shows to correct mood fluctuations, especially when paired with Vitamin D.

Is the IV Myers Cocktail Safe?

You bet! The Myers Cocktail IV is safe to use, and it’s unlikely to have any serious side effects afterwards. The only side effects some people report having is a possible feeling of warmth and slight soreness in the area where the injection was. Plus, it’s crucial to have a medical practitioner watch over you throughout the infusion, that’s why our nurses are present to administer the treatment.

Myers Cocktail IV Therapy Benefits

Since we covered the ingredients, and we’ve established that each of them offers a lot of benefits to the body, let’s take a closer look at the actual benefits. After all, taking these minerals in a combined formulation results in a mix of benefits that boosts your overall health.


  • General disease prevention

Vitamin C within the Myers cocktail helps fight free radicals in the body. It turns these radicals into harmless molecules, which are recycled in the body. That’s good news!


  • Better memory retention

Forgetful much? Lack of Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 causes memory loss and poor memory performance. A regular Myers Cocktail treatment helps you to have a better memory. How exciting would it be to notice a difference in your memory? Yes!


  • Strong immunity to fight flu and colds

This is probably icing on the cake, figuratively speaking, because how often did your plans take a bad turn because you caught the cold or the flu? The Myers cocktail gives you a strong boost of immunity and keeps you off from regular flu and colds. The main driver behind this is the high dosage of Vitamin C in this treatment.


  • Increased energy levels

B Complex are responsible for energy production in your body. Vitamin B 12 also contains energy-boosting characteristics, but it’s not enough to give you the full effect. A combination of B vitamins make a big difference and help you feel unbeatable.


  • Better Blood health

Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 produce red blood cells, which promote good blood health.

When you book the The Myers IV Cocktail with us at IV Concierge, you get the original micronutrient drip that was created by Dr. John Myer in the 1960’s. This powerful IV drip can help manage conditions such as: fatigue, asthma, migraines, acute muscle spasm, fibromyalgia, chronic sinusitis, and even viral infections, among other issues.


Click here to book your Myers IV Cocktail; we’re so excited to help you feel your best!

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the top 4 tips

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