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10 Ways IV Therapy Can Enhance Your Life


Usually, when you hear the word “IV,” you probably think of IV therapy from a medical perspective, because you’ve had or you’ve seen IV administered in a hospital setting. The truth is, the concept of an IV is so much bigger than that.

The first question we’ll tackle is, “What is IV Therapy?” How can it greatly improve your life? How does it impact your health? Are you missing out by not incorporating IV therapy into your life?

Get comfortable and let’s dive in.


What Is IV Therapy?

First and foremost, let’s decode the term, “IV Therapy.” IV stands for intravenous and therapy is defined as a method to relieve, heal or treat a health condition. With that said, IV therapy is a method where you receive fluids that are essential for your body to heal, so you can feel your best. These fluids are typically made up of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, saline, or medicine. The fluid is delivered through an IV injection straight into the vein and into the bloodstream.

However, in today’s day and age, IV therapy is an instant way to nourish your body with all of the vitamins and nutrients your body is missing and desperately needs. No longer do you have to be at the brink of a total collapse to get IV therapy. IV therapy can be an excellent preventative measure.

Now, let’s explore how IV therapy actually works.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

IV therapy must be administered by a nurse or a healthcare professional who has proper training and certification. This is of the utmost importance and if you are ever told otherwise, then please run the other direction. Or better yet, run to us, because we take your health very seriously and our nurses would be more than happy to provide you with an amazing IV therapy experience.

The process itself is fairly straightforward. The nurse will guide you to get comfortable; most people sit down on a couch or a comfortable chair (you may lay down if you’d like, though not necessary), and the nurse will:


1) Disinfect your arm prior to the injection

2) Place a needle into the vein to start administering the IV fluid

3) Check the pump to make sure the IV is being administered in healthy amounts into the vein and into the bloodstream


During the process, the most important thing you need to do is keep still and minimize any sudden movement as not to interrupt the catheter. Other than that, you’re free to read, work on your computer, talk on the phone, watch TV and resume with any low movement activities.


The duration of the process solely depends on the treatment being administered. Typically, it takes 45 – 60 minutes.

So, how could IV Therapy actually be useful to you? Let’s explore.


1) A Hangover is No Longer a Nightmare

We’ve all been there, right? You’ve had a few too many, because your best friend thought tequila shots were the perfect drink of choice at the end of the night when you all should have gone home. It was a great night, but the following day far from great, because you’re left dehydrated, exhausted and that pounding headache seems endless. Opting in for a Hangover IV Drip that is specially created to address all of the hangover symptoms is the fastest way to get back on your feet. Old-school methods of chugging multiple glasses of water, drinking coffee, etc. just don’t really do the trick.



2) Boost Your Athletic Endurance and Performance

If you’re an athlete or just someone who loves to stay in shape, your body is probably drained after a workout, especially when you push yourself to do your best at the gym or during a workout. In a nutshell, Energy Boost IV Therapy fuels your body with just the right nutrients to support your muscles and give you energy post and pre workout.



3) A Stronger Immune System = A Healthier You

It goes without saying that your immune system has the most important function in your body. The immune system fights off viruses and infection in order to keep you healthy, yet there are moments where the immune system can weaken. Then, it’s up to you to maintain its health, YOUR health. IV drip for immune system can be one of the best ways you can prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place.



4) Cold & Flu are No Match for You

Did that just rhyme? Seriously, you no longer have to be afraid of being stuck in bed should you catch a Cold or a Flu. IV Therapy for flu can give you a huge boost to your immune system and help alleviate symptoms such as a runny nose, headaches, low energy, etc. The vitamin-infused IV therapy drips are specially formulated to help you with Cold and Flu symptoms.



5) A Headache is No Longer a Headache

Although the true cause of migraines and headaches remain a mystery in the medical industry, common reasons tend to be related to stress, poor nutrition, environmental triggers as well as medications. IV therapy for migraines can provide wonderful relief, because it provides essential vitamins to help alleviate the painful symptoms that come with a headache and a migraine.



6) Have More Energy

Ok, you won’t turn into a superhero, but you will feel a huge boost of energy. Some people are surprised at how incredible they feel after they nourish their body with IV therapy for energy. For example, imagine living your life where you’ve always been tired and sluggish and all of a sudden you feel energized. Did IV Concierge inject some special superpower juice into your body? Not at all. All we did was give you a special blend of nutrients and minerals you should have had to begin with. Your strong self is who you actually are, and you’ve been depriving your body of its true potential (yes, YOU!), because it’s close to impossible to get the recommended daily dose of vitamins through food and supplements.



7) Have a Much Better Restful Sleep

Inadequate sleep is one of the worst things you could to yourself, because sleep has a direct correlation to your memory, immune system, appetite and overall brain function. Lack of sleep may be due to stress, anxiety, depression and other variables. You’ve probably heard the famous phrase, “You are what you eat” and it’s true because nutrition has a direct impact on our brain chemistry. We mentioned earlier that it’s close to impossible for you to receive adequate nutrition straight from food and supplements alone, that’s why IV therapy can help feed and nourish your mind from within, resulting in a more restful sleep. Sweet dreams.



8) Put Your Best Skin Forward

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and one of the best ways to keep it healthy is by hydration, hydration, hydration! Most people do not drink enough water or eat enough food that have adequate hydration, that’s just the truth of the matter. Is IV therapy just water? Absolutely not, it’s much more than that. IV Beauty therapy that is geared toward healthy skin is jam-packed with vitamins, specifically Vitamin C, which is important for healthy skin.



9) Weight Loss

IV therapy is not a crash diet or a lose-weight-quickly approach. IV Weight Loss is a healthy treatment that can speed up your metabolism and help your body convert food into energy, which is what you want happening. In fact, it helps to burn fat in a proper way, aid your circulatory system and support muscle growth. All of this results in a healthy approach to weight loss.



10) Perform Better at Work

When your brain functions at its best capacity, it strongly affects your psychology and your motivation to achieve your goals and get things done at work. IV therapy is excellent in treating brain fog, which affects your decision making and ability to think.

These are just a few of the benefits of IV therapy, yet you could probably tell how vital they are. The truth is, you won’t know the true benefit of IV therapy until you actually book a session yourself and experience it for yourself. Call 855-270-3262 to book your IV therapy appointment; we proudly serve various cities in South Florida.

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