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What is IV Hydration and How it Affects Your Life


It’s a no brainer that hydration is extremely important for our mind, organs, tissue, muscles, and our overall health — no one can argue this.

After all…

  • Our bodies are 60% water
  • Brain and Heart — 73% water
  • Lungs — 83% water
  • Skin — 64% water
  • Muscles and Kidneys — 79% water

And here’s a curve ball that you didn’t see coming…
Bones are 31% water.

Before, drinking water and other fluids (non-alcoholic) was thought to be the best way to hydrate. Makes sense, right? Well, sort of. Recent research has shown that drinking water after a workout, for example, doesn’t hydrate you unless you were to drink a LOT of water. Otherwise, most of the water simply gets absorbed into your throat tissues and the digestive tract. Very little actually makes it to your organs, unless you drink a LOT of water. How many of us actually drink a lot of water each day? Honestly, ask yourself if you’re getting enough water.


Although IV hydration therapy never intends to diagnose or treat a condition, it is still an incredible way to prevent possible symptoms that may arise from dehydration. Let’s explore these right now.

What Is IV Hydration?

Dehydration can be quite dangerous when prolonged, because your body needs water to sustain itself. IV hydration may prevent the following symptoms.


Let’s review some of the symptoms of dehydration:


  • Frequent thirst or dry mouth/tongue
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Fast breathing
  • Chapped lips
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Confusion or lack of clarity
  • Lethargy/fatigue
  • Loose skin or poor skin elasticity
  • Breakouts/acne (excessively oily skin on face)
  • Very dry skin
  • Milky/foggy dark yellow urine

Just to name a few.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

IV Hydration Benefits:

It goes without saying that for optimum functioning, our bodies need a healthy amount of vitamins and nutrients. Thinking we can receive all of the important vitamins from food or multivitamins is unrealistic. This is where IV Hydration therapy at home saves the day.

Let’s explore some of these benefits:


  • Increase in energy levels
  • Boosts your immunity
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Improves mental clarity and reduces brain fog
  • Provides relief from headaches and migraines
  • Supports the strength of muscle tissues
  • Encourages fast healing of wounds
  • Lessens allergies

IV Fluid Hydration — More Than Just Fluids

IV hydration therapy is one of the best ways to thoroughly hydrate your body, because the fluids travel straight into the bloodstream. Think of your bloodstream as the gateway to organs and tissue that need water.


Let’s use a workout as an example. For the most part, everyone knows that you lose hydration during a workout or intense physical activity. Whether you’re at the gym lifting weights, hiking up a hill or when you’re running laps in the park, you are losing hydration, because your body is working hard and it needs water to support you. To be on top of your game, you also need electrolytes and other essential nutrients to have healthy energy levels. We already covered that drinking just water is not enough. So, what do you do? IV fluids are your best option for hydration therapy.

Fast Recovery with IV Hydration

It’s no wonder that athletes love to receive fluids and nutrients through mobile IV Hydration, because it supports muscle aches, which are common after tournaments and intense training sessions. Plus, an athlete knows how his/her body performs on a daily basis and what infusion sets they need to feel their best.


It’s either that or drinking a gallon of water immediately after their tournament, which is unrealistic. Could you chug a gallon of water?

IV Hydration Supplies — Only the Best for Our Clients

Nowadays, the internet provides all of us with an abundance of information and although something may seem like a google alternative to IV therapy (e.g. powder-form IV hydration packets), is it really the best choice for what you’re looking for? With that in mind, let’s explore the true authentic tools that are used in traditional IV treatments and why they matter.


For example, IV catheters deliver fluid and medicine straight into the vein; catheters have different gauge sizes as well. A tourniquet is a stretched out latex band placed on your arm above the area where the vein would be punctured — very important step. Then there are IV administration sets, which have been developed to enhance the delivery of vitamin infusion.


So many elements go into delivering the best possible treatment for you. Think of iv fluid hydration supplies as puzzle pieces that come together to serve one great purpose, to help you feel your best. Zero shortcuts when it comes to medical supplies.

IV Bags for Hydration For Nearly Any Concern

We saved the best for last. Did you think we’d forget to mention the source of all goodness? Hydration iv drips are jam-packed with life-sustaining fluids, medications, mineral, electrolytes and are customized to fit your specific needs. Regardless of your energy level or what issue you want to address, the secret sauced (or fluid) lies in the careful selection of fluids developed in each bag. Each plastic IV hydration drip contains the solution that is important for your specific situation and all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.


That was a lot of information, wasn’t it? Keep in mind that the contents of this article are to be used for information purposes only and the products are not intended to treat or diagnose a condition. Talking with your physician is always the best practice when you are experiencing any concerning symptoms.

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