What Are the Benefits of IV Vitamin B Complex

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What Are the Benefits of IV Vitamin B Complex?

Isn’t it frustrating and disheartening when you realize that you’ve been feeling so run down lately? It can be especially dangerous when it turns into a habit. Some may think there’s nothing wrong with getting sick once in a while, but does it have to be that way? Even if you are eating healthily, suffering from fatigue and a low immune system can happen due to several reasons, and most importantly it is one of the signs that you need a bit of vitamin B.

When vitamin B complex is administered intravenously (IV), the dosage is absorbed directly through the vein and into your bloodstream, meaning it takes effect much faster. It also bypasses your liver which removes more of the substance from your body before it has a chance to become active.

 So, what is B complex good for?

First, What is Vitamin B Complex?

The ingredient of the Vitamin B Complex is a mix of 8 B Vitamins namely B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. Although the body can naturally get this mix of B vitamins through the consumption of a healthy diet. However, the body is unable to completely absorb the complete mix of vitamins sometimes which can cause certain health issues. People who have a Vitamin B deficiency tend to suffer the following symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Depression and even anemia

What is B Complex good and B complex infusion good for?

The Vitamin B complex is good for helping to boost energy levels and maintenance of essential functionalities of the body. If a person finds themself moody or irritable, the intake of B complex can help lift the mood.

As stated earlier, the Vitamin B complex is a combination of B Vitamins. Among these vitamins, some perform antioxidant functions helping to protect the body against free radicals that are known to cause cell damage and diseases.

Meanwhile, Vitamin B complex infusion or the application of Vitamin B complex iv drip on the other hand is much more efficient than the oral consumption of Vitamin B supplements.

People with certain conditions like celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, and other similar immune system disorder conditions may find it difficult to get all the benefits of vitamin B complex through oral supplements.

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What Is Vitamin B Complex Injection Used For?

A Vitamin B Complex Injection or IV Push is a procedure whereby the mix of B Vitamins are applied through a syringe for 10-15 minutes for optimum absorption of vitamins and nutrients by the body. It is mostly recommended for those who suffer dietary restrictions, have weight-loss problems, or have digestion issues. Some of the b complex injection benefits are as follows; improvement of the body’s metabolic process and stimulation of the immune system as well as the nervous system.

Can Vitamin B Complex Cause Weight Loss?

There are varying opinions on this claim but one consistent view is that Vitamin B complexes are not instant weight loss solutions. However, some studies have shown that a deficiency in Vitamin B12 which is one of the Vitamins that make up the B complex can result in the loss of appetite ultimately leading to weight loss.

Also, one of the functions of the B12 Vitamin is energy metabolism which involves the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose (energy) and this explains why vitamin B injections are part of the treatment of some clinics specialized in weight loss.

Does B Complex Increase Your Weight?

According to this piece on excessive vitamin intake, the excess consumption of Vitamin B can lead to obesity and diabetes especially in infants.

Is Vitamin B Complex Good For Skin?

There are two main views on this. A 2018 study showed that Vitamin B could help in the production of healthy new skin cells. Another view stated that the direct application of B-complex vitamins like B3 is more effective as it helps with skin aging. Vitamin B-complexes are known to produce fatty acids to the skin preventing cell damage and water loss thereby keeping the skin moist.

How Does Long Vitamin B Complex Take To Work?

This is largely dependent on how deficient the person is in terms of the Vitamins, the more deficient the person is, the faster it works. However, it’s reported to take about 3-6 weeks to witness visible changes.

Is Vitamin B Complex Good For Pregnancy?

They are considered one of the most essential parts of a pregnant person’s nutrition, specifically vitamins like B6, B9, and B12. These vitamins help in the reduction of the risk of birth defects.

Can Vitamin B Complex Cause Headaches?

Excess consumption of vitamin B-12 can cause headaches, diarrhea, and even vomiting.

When Is The Best Time To Take Vitamin B Complex?

It’s advised to take Vitamin B complex very early in the day specifically with your first meal. This is because the vitamins help convert food into energy, and so taking them later in the day could disrupt your night’s rest.

Does B Complex Give You Energy?

Of the 13 vitamins needed by the body, more than 50% (8) are contained in the Vitamin B complex, but no research has shown that the B-vitamins serve as fuel for the body but it has been proven that without the presence of B-vitamins in the body, the body will lack energy.

Who Needs B Complex Vitamins?

Not everyone needs B complex vitamins and they should be taken only when the doctor prescribes them. However, those that need B complex vitamins are pregnant women, older people, vegetarians & vegans, people who have undergone gastric bypass surgery, people who have some auto-immune condition like lupus, people who have kidney problems, diabetes or suffer from depression, etc.

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