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Vitamin C IV Therapy: Best Ways To Use

Vitamin C IV Therapy is a popular treatment for its long list of health benefits. It helps in wound healing, fighting infections, and reducing oxidative stress. This IV drip is versatile, and it can aid a variety of health conditions.

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C has a crucial role in every person’s health. It facilitates cell repair and strengthens the immune system against infections.

While there are many oral vitamin C supplements, it doesn’t offer the same benefit as a vitamin C IV infusion.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of vitamin C and how you can use this IV therapy. Read on to see how you can integrate this treatment into your lifestyle.

IV therapy with vitamin C vs. oral supplements

Both IV therapy and oral supplements can be good sources of vitamin C. However, one is often better than the other.

The main advantage of oral supplements is their convenience. You can purchase it over the counter and pop the pill on the go. Intake is simple, easy, and quick, not to mention that you can choose from a range of doses.

On the downside, oral vitamin C supplements can cause stomach upset. This is much so if you need a higher dose than usual. And since supplements pass through the digestive system, it also means lower absorption rates.

All of these problems can be solved by trying IV therapy instead. These infusions can be mixed with vitamin C to help you get your dose minus the adverse effects.

Here are the advantages of IV therapy with vitamin C over oral supplements:

  • IV therapy offers faster results.

IV therapy with vitamin C is delivered intravenously. This means that the vitamin reaches your bloodstream immediately for immediate effects. You’ll feel the treatment kicking in as fast as 30 minutes compared to supplements that take hours.

  • IV therapy has higher absorption rates.

As mentioned, IV therapy bypasses the digestive system. This translates to faster effects and higher absorption rates. In comparison, oral supplements have an absorption rate of 50% to 70%. Meanwhile, IV therapy has up to 100% absorption.

  • IV therapy has a personalized dose.

Unlike supplements, you’ll get a personalized dose of vitamin C with IV therapy. A medical professional will prepare your IV drip based on your needs. A lab test can also determine exactly how much vitamin C you need.

  • IV therapy doesn’t cause stomach upset.

High doses of vitamin C can easily trigger vomiting and diarrhea. But if administered through IV drips, the same high dose will not cause these issues. It’s the reason why many health professionals prefer IV treatments in some cases.

  • IV therapy can be infused with other nutrients.

Aside from vitamin C, IV drips can also be infused with other vitamins. It depends on what you want to achieve with every treatment. While you can also find multivitamins, it all boils down to the four points above.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Many supplement brands focus on the immunity benefit of their vitamin C products. You’ve probably seen them in ads and commercials. But the truth is that vitamin C is more than just boosting your immune system..

Below, we listed other great benefits you’ll get from this vitamin. These health benefits are even more enhanced when the vitamin is infused into IV treatments.

  • Faster wound healing
  • Clearer and glowing skin
  • Stronger immune system
  • Elevated mood
  • Enhanced iron absorption
  • Reduction in lead toxicity
  • Reduction in high blood pressure

If you want to enjoy these benefits, you can try our IV therapy. Here at IV Concierge, we have IV infusions packed with vitamin C. Our licensed nurses will help you choose the best one that suits your health.

How to use IV Therapy with vitamin C

We have many IV therapy drips with vitamin C to choose from. Each one is personalized to match your needs.

Below are some of the best ways to use our IV drips based on your health goals.

For hangovers

IV drips with vitamin C are very helpful in treating hangover symptoms. It can help neutralize the free radicals brought by alcohol consumption.

For our hangover IVs, we formulated three drips: Pre-Party IV, After-Party IV, and Black Out IV. All these are infused with vitamin C and other nutrients to restore your vigor.

It’s best to book your hangover IV before your party. This way, we’ll have our licensed nurse at your preferred location the following day.

For improving skin health

Many of our clients love IV therapy because of its skin benefits. The vitamin C in our Beauty IVs gives the skin a natural glow by cleansing the body inside and out.

Our Inner Glow IV and Beauty Bag IV have a dose of vitamin C. These are popular treatments in Hollywood but without the celebrity price tag.

Unlike oral skin supplements, IV drips deliver the nutrients straight to your bloodstream. It guarantees excellent absorption, so your skin will reap all the benefits.

For brain power

Are you struggling with brain fog? Poor concentration or bad mood? IV therapy can help!

Our All-In IV drip is the ultimate infusion to boost your mental performance. It’s also effective in strengthening immunity and workout endurance.

This has a potent dose of vitamin C as well as vitamin B-complex, magnesium, zinc, and a glutathione push. It’s like delicious brain food in an IV bag!

For hydration

If you’re always active and sweating, you’re at risk of dehydration. You can stay hydrated with the help of any of our vitamin C-infused drips.

We often recommend the All-IV drip for those who want to fight dehydration and protect their health at the same time.

Aside from drinking water, IV therapy will help increase your fluid intake to healthy levels.

For sickness recovery

Are you trying to shake off a flu? We have a Cold and Flu IV drip made especially for this purpose. It has vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, zinc, and fluids to help you bounce back fast.

We also have the Myers Cocktail IV, which is tried and tested to help a variety of illnesses. It helps relieve symptoms of respiratory infections, sinusitis, fatigue, migraines, and more.

For jet lag

IV therapy with vitamin C is also a healthy regimen for frequent travelers. It boots the immune system and provides much-needed hydration to curb jet lag.

For this, we formulated our own Jet Lag IV. Aside from vitamin C, we added a glutathione push and vitamin B12 in the mix to keep you energized on your trip.

For overall wellness

You don’t have to be sick to try IV therapy with vitamin C. This treatment is a good start if you want to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

It will keep your immunity and overall health in check against infections and various illnesses. Overall, IV therapy is a good component for an improved quality of life.


IV therapy is famous for its benefits without harsh side effects. With the addition of vitamin C, IV drips will give your health a natural boost.

If you’re interested in IV therapy, IV Concierge is the best solution in Miami. We use premium ingredients on each drip sourced from trusted pharmaceutical providers.

Above all, we will personalize the drip for you to ensure you’ll get the most benefits of vitamin C. Call us for a free consultation with one of our licensed nurses.

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