Travel For Thanksgiving During Covid-19 – Can It Be Safe

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Travel For Thanksgiving During Covid-19 - Can It be Safe

One major reason there are restrictions on travelling is the concern for public health. The coronavirus is easily transmitted and every government doesn’t want to put its citizens in harm’s way.

While we follow the already laid guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus, we miss relating with family and friends. It clearly explains why more people will be travelling for Thanksgiving.

As you’ll expect, the higher the number of people travelling, the higher the chances of transmission. Hence, one needs to travel safely during the Covid-19 periods.

To ensure you travel safely, we’ll be discussing safe means of travelling during the pandemic. Also, we’ll be giving reasons why you shouldn’t travel during this period and how to stay safe if you must travel.

Why You Should Not Consider Travelling During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in changes to some sectors. Most especially, the changes in sectors that deal with travelling and accommodating people.

For instance, there has been restriction by the government on travelling within the country and outside. This restriction is enough to dissuade one from travelling during this period.

Asides from that, states have placed a ban on large gatherings with strict adherence to specific numbers. This will mean that even hotels have reduced the visitors they accommodate. Hence, finding a hotel for yourself and your family will be challenging.

Travelling during this period exposures one to infection by the virus. Seeing that many people are asymptomatic to the infectious virus, one is not sure of safe travels. So, one has a higher chance of infection of the virus.

What then happens if one must be travel for Thanksgiving? There are still play-safe options about travelling in this period.

What To Do if Travelling is Inevitable

What to do if you’ll be travelling depends on what you do before you travel, during the travel and at the destination.

What to do before you travel

Before travelling, one must be sure of the number of Covid-19 cases in their destination. We don’t advise you to travel to places with high levels of Covid-19 cases. To be on the safe side, avoid travelling if your destination has higher cases of infected individuals.

Also, before travelling, ensure you go for lab testing – you and everyone travelling with you.

Safe travels for Thanksgiving

If you’ll be travelling this session, airport officials are most likely to request for your Covid-19 test results.  The essence of doing this is to ensure that they fly only vaccinated or non-infected individuals. This emphasizes the essentiality of covid testing before boarding a plane.

However, it’s important to state that being vaccinated does eliminate the chances of being infected. Instead, being vaccinated reduces your chances of being infected.

That said, although you’ll be flying with vaccinated persons, one must use a face mask. Vaccination doesn’t totally eliminate the risk of infection transmission.

While travelling by air is fast and more convenient, we’ll advise you also to travel by land. Travelling by land reduces your exposure to crowds. Consequently, reducing your chances of infection.

However, if you’ll be travelling by land, you should minimize your resting points during the journey. You can stop at ascertained infection-free zones but not otherwise.

To Wrap It Up

We don’t undermine the importance of taking a rapid Covid test before and after travelling. By doing this, you’re preventing any chance of infecting anyone, including your relatives, during Thanksgiving.

IV Concierge offers you to do PCR test in Miami – if you don’t want to spend time waiting in line, we will come to your location at your convenience to provide an in-home test with the results within 10 hours.

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Discover the Top 4 Tips

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