Top 8 Hydration Tips for Athletes

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Top 8 Hydration Tips for Athletes

When it comes to getting hydrated, athletes can struggle. They don’t want to drink too much, but they also know that if they don’t drink enough they will negatively impact their performance. It’s difficult to maintain the right balance between too much and too little water.

Nevertheless, athletes have a great need for hydration, and it is important they learn the most efficient ways to rehydrate. Through this blog post, athletes can learn the top 8 best hydration tips for athletes and also the benefits of IV hydration as a means of effective hydration.

Hydration for Athletes

It’s common knowledge that more than half of our body composition is made of water but despite this, it’s important for us as humans to stay hydrated but for athletes, special attention must be paid to hydration levels. The reason for this is that athletes need a balanced hydration level to be able to perform optimally at sports.

Bottle during athletics race

By staying hydrated, it makes the athlete’s muscle and cognitive functions perform optimally, improve joint lubrication especially high-impact activities, help to maintain the body’s temperature, reduce fatigue and protect against muscle cramps (which is usually caused by dehydration)

Averagely, an athlete loses between 0.5-2.0 ounces of water which is the equivalent of 2-8 cups of water, and research has shown that the loss of 2% of the water in your body during any activity or participation in any competition usually leads to low or reduced performance. And if the water lost in the form of sweat is not replaced by hydrating, then this could cause additional problems like fatigue, headache, or even hospitalization.

Now, as an athlete to avoid dehydration, here are some tips to follow, and they are divided into three phases (Before, During, and After).

Before diving into these tips, what is considered adequate in terms of hydration?

What is adequate hydration?

10-12 cups of water or any hydrating beverage is considered to be enough hydration.

So, what are the best hydration tips before athletic activity?

  • Stay away from caffeinated beverages like iced tea or cola as they do not hydrate well.
  • Have about two liters of water with you especially during practice
  • Make sure to consume enough water or hydrating beverage before the match so your urine gets a pale color; proof that you are hydrated and also about 17-20 two hours before your competition

During athletic activity tips

During activity, as an athlete, the main hydration tip to make sure you are performing optimally is to consume 7 to 10 oz of liquid every 10 minutes

After activity hydration tips for Athletes

After all the energy expended as a result of an athlete involved in physical activity, here are some hydration tips to do after the activity:

  • Make sure to eat or drink carbohydrates as early as possible after the match (preferably the first 30 minutes)
  • Make sure to replace the 150% of body weight lost in the form of sweat during the physical activity or match after two hours of the physical activity. You can confirm the weight loss immediately after the match
  • Combine your high carbohydrate meal with a side of lean protein to help rebuild your energy stores. In other words, you can try a fruit smoothie with protein powder.

To conclude this segment, here are the Top 8 Hydration tips for Athletes:

  1. Consume a cup or two cups of water or water-based beverages like juice or milk with every meal or snack, making sure at the end of the day, your consumption equals a minimum of 10-12 cups by the end of the day.
  2. Limit the consumption of caffeinated drinks after a certain time in the day. For instance, you can stop after 1 pm.
  3. Limit your consumption of coffee to a cup or two per day
  4. Increase the sources of water through the consumption of different food groups. For instance, you can consume vegetables with fruit juice and milk.
  5. Consume more calorie-free beverages like Schweppes
  6. Make sure to not consume your juices in their packaged form but dilute them with water
  7. If you are a drinker of alcohol, substitute your alcoholic beverages with plain club soda
  8. Most importantly, make sure to keep a water bottle with you every time.

Now, let’s look into IV hydration benefits especially for Athletes.

What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is a procedure that involves the administration of nutrients directly into the bloodstream. With iv treatment, nutrients are instantly absorbed and utilized by the body.

The IV therapy goes directly to your organs skipping the digestive process involved when you take water or any other beverage. As a result, nutrients and iv vitamins are delivered faster and they are considered much more efficient because 90-100% of the IV vitamins are absorbed and used by the body.

This is why IV therapy is ideal for athletes who constantly engage in lots of physical activity, and as a result, need to be constantly hydrated.

Benefits of IV therapy for Athletes

There are so many benefits of IV Therapy but one of the major benefits of IV therapy is hydration and is considered one of the best hydration solutions for athletes.


IV hydration benefits cannot be overemphasized and according to an article from a sports health journal titled “Intravenous Fluid Use in Athletes”, it was proposed that IV Fluids and fluids hydration were one of the most effective and efficient ways to achieve hydration in athletes. Athletes must stay hydrated before, after and during their workouts. In a research that centered on the effect of loss of water during physical activity, the study showed that athletes or individuals that participated in vigorous activities were likely to lose 3,000 ml/h of their body fluid through sweat and this could affect the athlete’s performance and even make it difficult for the athletes to consume water orally.

Although Oral hydration and IV hydration may have the same effects, the latter gives athletes an additional edge because it enhances the recovery process faster than Oral hydration.

Benefits of IV Hydration

1. IV Hydration is more effective than Oral hydration

Drinking water (oral hydration) doesn’t quench the body’s thirst, that is it does not stave off dehydration. This is because when you consume from a bottle, your throat tissues and digestive tract absorb most of the liquid which is required by most of the tissues of your body. However, on the other hand, with IV hydration, the fluid is injected into the bloodstream carrying the nutrients from the liquid directly to where your body needs it the most. So, IV hydration is much faster and effective than Oral hydration.

2. IV Hydration is more than just fluids

Naturally, when you engage in workouts or any physical activity, you are bound to lose a lot of fluid but just drinking water isn’t just enough. Your body also requires the replacement of electrolytes and other nutrients and Oral hydration can’t help here but IV hydration can help in the replenishing of lost nutrients.

3. IV Therapy is good for your digestive system

Consuming too much fluid is not easy on your digestive system. So, when you try to consume too much fluid to stay hydrated, your digestive system has to work overtime to get rid of the fluids the body doesn’t need and in the process flushes out some nutrients your body needs. On the other hand, IV Therapy doesn’t rely on the digestive system for the body to absorb the nutrients.

4. Reduction in recovery

Staying hydrated is a key aspect of the recovery of the body after going through vigorous activity. Athletes need to hydrate after a workout to help in the reduction of muscle soreness and stiffness. While Oral hydration helps in recovery, IV hydration is much faster in helping the body recover after a workout. The combination of nutrients, vitamins, and fluids in IV Fluid will have you feeling good in the shortest time.

5. Boosts Immunity

It’s common when you visit a hospital to find a sick person who has an IV drip inserted into them. This is because IV hydration therapy helps to boost the immune system and protect the body from common illnesses. AS IV drips are often made up of immune-boosting compounds like Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. For Athletes, IV Drip is more than just an item used for sick people, there are special IV drip/fluids that help boost athletic performance. An example is Lactated Ring is a type of IV Fluid that helps in the replenishment of not only fluids and electrolytes.

In Conclusion

Mobile IV hydration therapy is here to stay, but not everyone has the luxury of easy access to the treatments they need. Convenient home services are important for many patients, so IV Concierge has created a full-service company that can administer IV therapy at the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose.

So, if you are looking for a mobile IV hydration service in Miami and surrounding areas such as South Florida, it’s now easier than ever as our on-site nurses are always ready to provide top-class IV services to help you get better faster

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Discover the Top 4 Tips

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