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The Top 15 NAD IV Therapy Benefits


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, is a coenzyme present in every human cell. Although it’s common and naturally occurring, it’s a very special molecule. It’s widely used in drip infusions, and many swear by the NAD IV therapy benefits it brings.

While our bodies can produce NAD naturally, its supply will decline as we age. This reduction in NAD levels will negatively impact your overall health, including your appearance, metabolism, brain functions, and more.

Good thing NAD therapy can help reduce this problem. Here, we discussed the basics of NAD IV Therapy and the significant benefits you’ll get from it.

How does NAD IV Therapy work?

It’s common knowledge that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. But what makes mitochondria such a ‘powerhouse’ is their NAD content.

In simple terms, the more NAD you have, the more powerful your cells are.

But as mentioned, our natural NAD levels will start to decrease. It could be due to aging, metabolic problems, excessive alcohol consumption, and sleep deprivation.

Prolonged low NAD levels cause higher risks for poor vision, diabetes, and heart disease. You’ll also look older than your age.

The good news is that NAD IV therapy can help solve this problem.

NAD IV treatment focuses on replenishing your lost NAD levels. It’s because the more NAD you have, the better your bodily functions will be.

Unlike oral NAD supplements, IV therapy will deliver the coenzyme straight to your bloodstream. This guarantees high absorption rates without digestive issues.

Top 15 NAD IV Therapy Benefits

Are you wondering what advantages NAD IV therapy provides? Below are the top 15 health benefits you’ll get from this treatment.

1. Slows down aging

NAD IV therapy is recognized for its anti-aging effects. It’s because NAD plays a crucial role in activating an enzyme called sirtuins.

Sirtuins play a crucial part in controlling aging favorably. With enough NAD supply, sirtuins can delay common signs of aging, including wrinkles and age spot formation.

Paired with a healthy lifestyle, NAD infusions will make a big difference in keeping you young inside and out.

2. Boosts your immune system

The anti-aging sirtuins also play a part in regulating the body’s immune responses. If NAD is too low, sirtuins won’t function properly, which can lead to a weaker immune system.

Overall, NAD IV treatments will boost your immune functions. It will give you an added defense against illnesses and infections. This means that you can reduce hospital visits and missed days at work.

3. Improves your athletic performance

NAD IV therapy is popular among athletes and gym buffs because it improves athletic performance.

NAD infusions improve a person’s cognitive functions, cardiovascular health, and energy levels. All of these are crucial for workouts and sports-related activities.

Unlike oral NAD supplements, IV therapy offers faster and stronger results. It’s because IV drips don’t have to go through the digestive tract.

4. Aids with addiction recovery

Many health professionals have used NAD IV Therapy as a complementary approach to treating alcohol and drug abuse.

It’s believed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms by mimicking the ‘feel good’ feeling alcohol and drugs bring. Aside from that, NAD helps flush out toxins from the body, which means the patient will receive holistic treatment.

Still, NAD therapy isn’t a cure for addiction. It’s only a part of a more extensive treatment plan the patient needs.

5. Enhances your brain power

NAD treatments are also popular for their brain-boosting benefit. It improves cognitive functions for better memory, focus, and problem-solving skills. NAD therapy is also an excellent solution for brain fog.

All these benefits are possible because NAD helps convert glucose into energy. Such energy is indispensable in keeping healthy brain functions.

Initial studies also indicate that NAD has a protective effect on the brain.

6. Elevates your mood

As NAD treatments improve brain function, they will also help elevate your mood. It’s seen to increase serotonin, also known as the ‘happy hormone’.This will positively influence those who are experiencing anxiety and depression.

But like with addiction recovery, NAD therapy should only be considered a complementary treatment. It’s still crucial to seek a specialist to get to the root of your condition.

7. Assists with weight loss

A healthy metabolism is integral for efficient weight loss. The good news is that boosting your NAD levels will help speed up your metabolism, resulting in effective fat burns.

At the physiological level, this occurs because NAD plays a significant role in converting food to energy. With high NAD levels, your body’s energy production will be continuously running. Therefore, your metabolism will run better to aid your weight loss.

8. Speeds injury recovery

NAD helps the muscles and blood vessels to ‘communicate’ properly. So if your NAD is depleted, you’ll experience slower injury recovery and poor athletic performance. This will get worse as you age.

Lucky for you, IV therapy can help replenish your NAD supply. Aside from supporting muscle recovery, NAD will also improve your endurance during workouts.

9. Supports healthier metabolism

As mentioned, NAD treatments are a big boost for your metabolism. It ensures that your body can convert fuel efficiently instead of storing everything as fat.

Aside from that, NAD plays a big role in energy metabolism and cellular survival. So whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, NAD therapy will greatly help.

10. Promotes heart health

NAD may support healthy cardiac function by boosting sirtuins activity. Aside from slowing aging, sirtuins also contribute to the heart’s homeostasis, especially under stressful conditions.

It’s also believed that NAD treatments can help in heart disease recovery by restoring proper metabolic functions.

11. Improves hearing and eyesight

NAD depletion causes neurodegeneration, which ultimately leads to loss of vision. This can occur among individuals with deficient NAD levels for prolonged periods.

With the help of NAD IV therapy, you can reduce this risk and keep your eyes and ears healthy. Also, you should get your eyes and hearing checked regularly to diagnose problems before they become worse.

12. Encourages DNA repair

NAD is an essential protein in the DNA repair process. It also prevents cell degeneration when taken regularly.

As we get older, our DNA becomes prone to damage. Without any intervention, such damage can lead to long-term and life-threatening illnesses.

13. Provides more physical energy

Do you feel exhausted even after a full night’s sleep? It’s possible that your NAD levels are low.

Through NAD IV Therapy, you can restore your NAD to healthy levels. You’ll notice a positive change in your energy, mood, and focus.

You’ll have more zest to be productive at work, school, or home. Regular treatments will ensure that your energy level is always optimal.

14. Reduces inflammation

NAD infusions have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This is very helpful for those recovering from an illness or injury.

Nevertheless, the anti-inflammatory benefits of NAD are also a good thing for healthy people. It will serve as a layer of protection in case they get sick.

15. Improves sleep quality

Insomnia is a frustrating and harmful condition. It will impact your body’s normal functions and make you unproductive during the day.

One way to reduce this problem is through NAD supplementation. It’s seen that NAD can aid in developing healthy sleeping patterns among adults.

NAD does this by improving the person’s circadian rhythm and restoring it to its normal pace. It will also enhance daytime brain functions by eliminating brain fog.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to get your NAD from experts. It’s because a very high dosage may cause anxiety and further sleeping problems. In this case, IV Concierge can help through our licensed and board-certified nurses.

Are you ready to try NAD IV Therapy?

If you’re ready to look good and feel good, you can book your NAD IV Therapy with us!

We offer NAD 250 mg and NAD 500 mg drips to suit your needs. To reap more benefits, you can also try our NAD + All-In IV packed with vitamins and minerals.

All our NAD infusions are personalized based on your wellness goals. You’ll get VIP treatment on every IV therapy session with the close observation of our dedicated nurse.

We can also bring the NAD drip to your location if you don’t have time to drive and stay in our suite. Wellness and convenience guaranteed!

IV Conciergeis Miami’s leading IV therapy provider, and we guarantee you’ll feel better after each session. Call us to see the IV therapy difference!

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