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The Health Benefits of IV Drip Treatment


An IV drip treatment offers a fast and effective way to supply nutrients to your body. Unlike oral solutions, intravenous treatments have up to a 100% absorption rate. This means that you’ll reap all the benefits of each vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant from the infusion.

For decades, IV therapies have been a staple of hospitals. It aids patients who can’t eat solid food properly or has absorption issues.

Nowadays, you no longer have to go to the hospital just to get your dose of IV drip therapy. Providers like IV Concierge deliver therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home. Through that, you will enjoy the following benefits of IV infusions:

1. Fights dehydration

Prolonged dehydration can also lead to muscle damage. Aside from that, it will trigger recurring headaches, weakness, mental confusion, and a slew of other health problems.

Moreover, you’ll have a heightened risk for kidney stones and urinary tract infections. If not addressed right away, dehydration can have life-threatening consequences.

An IV infusion drip is an efficient way to replenish all the lost fluids from your body. This drip is made with IV fluids that help restore lost electrolytes. Both of these are integral in keeping healthy internal organ functions.

Our Hydration IV treatment is made specifically for this purpose. It’s a great treatment during hot days when your body fluids get drained fast. This is also very popular with our clients who have active lifestyles and busy schedules.

These drips can also be infused with the nutrients of your choice. Each infusion is personalized to curb dehydration and strengthen your body in the process.

2. Combats vitamin deficiency

Are you suffering from a vitamin deficiency? Instead of sticking to supplements that don’t work, you can try a vitamin infusion instead.

This infusion is packed with vitamins and minerals that will fight deficiencies. We recommend taking a laboratory test first to identify which nutrients you’re lacking.

From there, your IV drip will be customized to ensure that it boosts the right vitamin supply. The dosage will also be tweaked to meet your needs.

Unlike oral supplements, IV vitamin drips have higher absorption rates. It bypasses the digestive system, so the nutrients are delivered straight into your bloodstream.

This combats vitamin deficiencies fast. And since it skips the digestive tract, there’s no risk of stomach upset, which is common for high-dosage oral supplements.

3. Cures hangover symptoms

There are a lot of hangover remedies, but only IV drips deliver the fastest and most effective results. It will help you recover from the aftereffects of alcohol in just a few hours.

Hangover symptoms like headache, weakness, brain fog, and muscle pain can last for more than 24 hours. In some cases, it can stretch for 72 hours if the person consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. If not addressed, hangovers will negatively impact your productivity.

Since IV drips are packed with hydration, nutrients, and minerals, it’s the perfect blend to fight hangovers.

Our Hangover IV drip is formulated to curb your symptoms. It delivers immediate results, which can be felt within minutes after finishing the treatment. And to ensure that you’re getting optimal relief, we created four special drips based on the level of the hangover.

While oral hangover solutions also offer relief, it’s far from what IV therapy can offer. In some cases, these hangover remedies can worsen stomach upset and nausea.

4. Supports healthy weight loss

Losing weight is challenging, but IV drips can help. For our Weight Loss IV, we use a blend of L-carnitine and B-Complex. This will boost the immune system and release stored fats as energy.

The L-carnitine ingredient of our IV drip is one of the essential nutrients responsible for energy production. These amino acids convert fat into fuel, so our cells can use them as energy.

While L-carnitine can be ingested through a healthy diet, many people don’t receive an ample supply. In this case, an IV treatment can help bridge the deficiency.

Paired with ample exercise and a healthy diet, this IV treatment will surely enhance your results. Just remember that IV drips alone aren’t the sole answer to weight loss.

5. Helps with addiction recovery

There’s no shortcut to addiction recovery and it requires a comprehensive treatment program. In these programs, many doctors are implementing NAD IV therapy.

NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a compound responsible for a host of bodily processes. One of which is binding with the opiate receptors of the brain to mimic the feel-good sensation of alcohol or drugs.

In turn, the person will have reduced withdrawal symptoms and cravings. While NAD IV drips will not cure addiction, it helps ease the symptoms. In the long run, it will largely contribute to the person’s road to full recovery.

Aside from that, NAD infusions will also help flush out free radicals from the body brought by alcohol consumption. It can also be blended with additional nutrients to curb deficiencies at the same time.

Overall, IV drips are only complementary remedies. A person dealing with alcohol or drug addiction still requires further medical intervention.

6. Improves athletic performance

An intense workout will make your body sore and tired. Also, you’ll lose a lot of nutrients, electrolytes, and fluids. Aside from your pre- and post-workout shakes, you can also try adding the Workout IV to your regimen.

The ingredients of our Workout IV include Vitamin B-complex and Vitamin C. Both of these support muscle recovery and flush out free radicals.

Unlike sports drinks, our IV drips will boost your energy levels and restore hydration without any side effects. Most of all, it doesn’t have any additives and excessive sugars that could mess up your metabolism.

IV infusions will make you feel better fast. Instead of enduring muscle pain for hours, you can get immediate relief through this intravenous treatment.

Overall, athletes and celebrities swear by IV therapy for their workout recovery. It can be used both as a pre-workout boost and a post-workout regimen. 

7. Reduces jet lag

Long-haul flights will disrupt your circadian rhythm, which will trigger sleeping problems, weakness, nausea, and tummy troubles. These symptoms can last for 1 to 2 days, though some may persist longer.

A great way to combat these symptoms is by getting an IV drip treatment. Our Jet Lag IV is a blend of Vitamin C, B-complex, magnesium, glutathione push, and IV fluids.

This infusion will help reset your circadian rhythm, so you’ll recover from jet lag faster. It rejuvenates the body quicker than drinking water or taking oral supplements.

Also, it will restore lost fluids, which is a common problem in low-humidity conditions like inside an airplane.

It also promotes a healthy immune system, so your body will have better endurance during long travel periods. For the best results, you can get a Jet Lag IV drip before your flight. This will condition your body to reduce serious jet lag symptoms.

8. Increases skin health

Many celebrities have IV therapy in their regimen to keep healthy skin, nails, and hair. Hollywood celebs like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber swear by this treatment.

It’s an effective beauty boost since the nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream. Also, IV drips guarantee a higher absorption rate than any oral supplement.

Our Beauty Bag IV is made of B-complex, Vitamin C, glutathione, and biotin. All of these are powerful skin boosters.

Specifically, the Vitamin C content improves white blood cell production and the skin barrier. Meanwhile, the B-complex ingredient has antioxidant properties that will make the skin glow.

On the other hand, the glutathione component will help flush out free radicals. In turn, it will make your skin fairer and clearer.

Lastly, the biotin content strengthens the hair and nails. This is why it’s a common ingredient in many cosmetic products in the market.

Overall, this IV drip will make you glow from the inside and out. You will look good and feel good at the same time.

9. Eases symptoms of anxiety

Studies found that high doses of Vitamin B6 can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It helps elevate your mood and improve your productivity.

Sure enough, our Anti-Depression IV is made with a combination of Vitamin B6 and magnesium. While Vitamin B6 lifts your mood, magnesium will enhance impulse transmission in your brain. The result is better focus and a calmer feeling.

While high-dose Vitamin B6 tablets also help, they can cause gastrointestinal upset in some individuals. Also, it doesn’t guarantee optimal absorption, especially if the person has digestive issues.

Still, it’s important to note that this IV drip is not a cure for depression. If you’re experiencing symptoms of this condition, we recommend that you seek medical advice from a specialist.

10. Improves cardiovascular health

Drip treatments can also boost your cardiovascular health. It does so by ensuring that you have an ample supply of essential nutrients.

Ingredients like calcium and arginine help in relaxing stiff blood vessels. This helps reduce blood pressure, which is beneficial for those with hypertension.

Also, the magnesium content of most IV drips is crucial for blood pressure regulation and heart functions.

However, a registered nurse or physician should check your medical history before giving this treatment. This way, they can personalize the treatment to avoid congestive risks.

If formulated right, an IV drip infusion will flush out free radicals and rehydrate your body. This keeps healthy functions of the heart and the entire circulatory system.

Boost your wellness with IV vitamin therapy

IV therapy has a long list of benefits that can revolutionize your health. With proper consultation with a medical professional, you can maximize the health benefits and minimize the side effects.

Here at IV Concierge, we always aim to boost your wellness through quality and effective ingredients. All our IV drips are formulated in-house by a licensed doctor. Also, it will be administered by our board-certified nurses.

Above all, we will create a wellness plan tailored to your needs. We personalize each IV drip to ensure that it will supply your needed nutrients.

If you’re ready to switch on your body, feel free to check our IV drip options. You can call us anytime to book your in-office or concierge IV therapy. Our nurses can also help you pick the best infusion based on what you want to achieve with your health.

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