Mobile IV Therapy vs. IV Lounge

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Mobile IV Therapy vs. IV Lounge

The pandemic comes with changes that affect every sector, most significantly, the health sector. The health sector has experienced drastic changes in the way it administers treatment. There has been an adoption of a mobile mode of treatment. Here, patients don’t have to be in the hospital to receive treatments.

It was the adoption of a mobile mode of treatment that ushered in mobile IV therapy. Mobile IV therapy brings the hospital to your doorstep anytime, any day.

However, before adopting mobile IV therapy, patients visited IV lounges to get IV infusion therapy. One may begin to wonder the chances an IV lounge therapy session stands against mobile IV therapy. In this article, we’ll compare both IV therapy modes and choose the best for you.

Mobile IV Therapy vs. IV Lounge: Definitions, Comparison, and Similarities

An IV treatment is one where patients receive IV infusions to prevent dehydration. The IV infusion contains minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes that help with keeping the body well-hydrated. The therapy supercharges your immune system, and also cures hangover symptoms.

IV therapy is often for people who stay in dry and hot places. While this is true, IV therapy sessions are not restricted to only those in dry and hot areas.

Before now, IV therapy was restricted to only IV lounges. In IV lounges, patients book appointments before going for treatment.

An IV lounge can be like a bar or a clinic. Some IV lounges even provide chargers and private treatment rooms. The essence of all these is to provide comfort for their patients.

Although this is suitable for some patients, the health sector is delving into a new option of IV therapy. Mobile IV therapy allows patients to receive treatment at home or any other preferred location.

Differentiating between Mobile IV therapy and IV lounge?

One significant difference between mobile IV therapy and IV lounge is the location and reason for treatment. For instance, for IV lounges, patients come in at convenient times to receive treatments as already in their appointment.

So, patients are often in a good state and not exhausted before going to the lounge. But for Mobile IV treatments, their patients are not always offered the luxury of strolling into the lounge. Mobile IV patients are those that suffer from athletic exhaustion and hangovers. Hence, they may not have the stamina to walk into clinics.

The contents of a mobile IV therapy drip aren’t different from an IV lounge. A mobile IV drip contains vitamins and minerals that help alleviate symptoms of ranging medical conditions.

As you’ll expect, mobile IV therapy occurs in the comfort of the home. Patients can lace bookings and have registered nurses attend to them.

An average Mobile therapy session lasts for 20 – 40 minutes. During an IV treatment at home, nurses place a catheter in our arms to pass the drip. While they do this, you can indulge yourself in other activities if you may. However, these activities do not require you to leave your treatment area.

IV lounge Vs. Mobile therapy: The Benefits of Mobile IV Therapy over IV Lounge

The benefits of mobile IV therapy can’t be under-emphasized. Hence, it’s important that we state these benefits for the sake of clarity.


While IV lounge requires treatment in a specific location, mobile IV therapy brings IV treatment to your home. Patients who feel nervous about IV lounges can receive IV drip at home where they feel very comfortable. Clearly, convenience is one major advantage of mobile IV over IV lounge.


Like any medical procedure, both home IV and IV lounge services have different experiences.

For home IV services, one is sure to get registered nurses for treatment. During the treatment, nurses aren’t always in a hurry to administer IV fluids at home. So, be sure of a wonderful experience when receiving IV drip treatments at home.

While this may be the experience for IV home service, this is not the case with IV lounges. Because IV lounges are more populated than home IV, nurses may hurry with inserting catheters.

The problem with improper insertion of catheters is the infections they cause. So, patients are more exposed to diseases in IV lounge therapies.

Asides from this, receiving treatment in an IV lounge saddles the patient with the duty of proper research. Patients are to research properly about IV lounges before booking appointments. Often, we advise patients to investigate the ownership and administering process of IV lounges close to them.


Because IV lounges accommodate more people, you’ll expect to find more people there. Although socialization can be essential for some patients, it is not always valid for all patients.

Patients who need IV drips for hydration may need some company during treatment. On the other hand, patients who are recovering from illnesses may need little company during treatment. The same goes for patients who are pregnant, sensitive to light, or experiencing migraine.

To Wrap It Up

The convenience of IV drips at home cannot be underemphasized. Patients who receive IV drips at home do so in their comfort zone.

You can decide to receive treatment at any time you deem fit without worrying to catch up with appointment.

IV Concierge allows you to receive mobile IV therapy at home, in hotels or even offices and be recovered. 

All you have to do is place a booking, and nurses will attend to you in your home.

Whether you need to boost your immune system, receive hydration fast or recover from a hangover, we advise that you go for mobile IV treatment in Miami.

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Discover the Top 4 Tips

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