Libido IV Drip: How to Improve Your Sexual Desire?

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libido iv

You are not in love with your partner? All that sparkle you had at the start of your relationship is gone, and you may have started to feel frustrated and disconnected. Now, even though you both are in a relationship, it might as well be a marriage because all that’s left is sleeping (on the same bed).


Maybe you are clinically depressed, have lost your libido, or have found that things have cooled down in bed. Maybe you have had a hormone imbalance since menopause with hot flushes, weight gain, and whatnot

The question of how to improve sexual desire was a very serious one that both genders had to face after menopause and men reaching 50s. The changes caused by aging affected the sexual health of lovers, forcing them to make some changes in their lives. It is not always easy to do it but there are prescription drugs that are meant to solve the problem.


In this blog, we are considering one marvelous invention called Libido IV drip treatment used by numerous women and men who wanted their sex life to be better and pleasurably renewed.

What is Libido?

libido iv

Libido or Sex drive is one’s desire to engage in sexual activity and a person’s Libido could either be high or low & certain factors influence this

Causes of High Libido

Exercise; Research has shown that individuals who engage in a lot of physical activity tend to have a high sexual drive.

Drug consumption & testosterone: Studies have shown that drugs like cocaine and other similar stimulant drugs help to boost libido levels. On the other hand, some linkages have been found between higher testosterone levels and a high sexual drive.

Now, let’s take a look at the cause of Low-Libido

Causes of Low-Libido

Here are conditions that tend to decrease a person’s sexual drive

Menopause: Research has shown that most women tend to experience a low sexual drive especially during menopause and this is because, during this period, the sexual hormones of a woman decrease thereby leading to a declining sex drive.

Mental Health & Low self-esteem: Men and women suffering from depression or anxiety are at the risk of experiencing sexual dysfunction leading to a low sex drive. On the other hand, another cause of low libido is low self-esteem. When a person is not confident about their body or has negative thoughts about themselves, they tend to feel anxiety during sexual activity which affects their sexual performance and desire.

Sleep & Stress: In today’s world with all its demanding rigors, stress and lack of sleep is a common phenomena especially amongst those in the working class and living urban areas. Studies have shown that these factors can cause low libido in both men and women.

Also, another study showed that men who suffer from chronic sleep apnea tend to have low testosterone levels.

Age: As a person ages, their sexual drive fluctuates but a study showed that once a person hits the age of 60, they begin to experience a decline in their sexual drive.

Medication & Treatment: Certain drugs and treatments have been discovered to affect a person’s sexual drive. For instance, chemotherapy treatment in men was discovered to cause a decrease in testosterone levels in men and as a result a decline in sexual drive in women, it not only causes low libido but might cause early onset of menopause.

Antidepressants medication has also been known to cause a low sexual drive and sexual dysfunction.

Now, how do improve sexual drive and libido boost?

libido iv therapy

There are many methods you can try out to help achieve Libido Boost and below are some of them;

  1. Sexual Therapy: A professional versed in dealing with sexual-related problems especially psychologically-related problems can help improve sexual drive and even provide support to help achieve orgasm.
  2. Aphrodisiacs: With herbal Aphrodisiacs like yohimbine and Eurycoma longifolia can help in achieving Libido boost while fruits and foods like chocolate, strawberries, and oysters also have aphrodisiacs qualities to help boost your libido
  3. Sleep & Exercise: Studies have shown that getting adequate sleep helps to improve libido in women and ultimately sexual desire. Also, exercise and other forms of physical activity like mindfulness and yoga have been proven to help increase libido in men and women.

Now let’s take a look at how Libido IV helps to Boost Libido

What is Libido IV Drip?

This is a treatment that is usually used by individuals who want to get their sex drive back on track.

Libido IV contains a combination of powerful nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids like MIC (which is an acronym for methionine, inositol, and choline), taurine, Vitamin B12, L-carnitine, and Vitamin C that helps boost testosterone levels and sexual desire naturally and it usually administered directly into the bloodstream so it’s usually more effective as it doesn’t have to go through the gastrointestinal tract which is what happens when these vitamins and nutrients are consumed orally.


How does Libido IV help to Boost Libido?

In this segment, we break down some of the core nutrients that are contained in Libido IV therapy and how they help achieve Libido boost.

L-Carnitine:  This is a nutrient that is naturally produced by the body but due to the stress and bad sleep patterns, the body might not be able to produce enough and that’s why the Libido IV drip is used as a supplement to increase the production of this nutrient in the body.

According to a study by a group of Italian scientists, this nutrient can serve as a replacement for testosterone replacement therapy as L-carnitine helps to regulate natural sleep and improve sleep.

And as stated earlier, one of the main causes of a low libido could be sleep, stress, or depression and L-carnitine helps to improve or manage these causes.

In addition, research has shown that L-carnitine helps in the reduction of physical fatigue and helps to boost the Libido.

Taurine: The majority of the studies carried out to ascertain the effect of Taurine on libido was carried out mostly on animals specifically rats. The result of the test on these rats showed that the administration of Taurine helped increase testosterone level while estrogen level remained the same.

And it was discovered that low testosterone in animals led to low sexual drive and as such the above test proves that Taurine helps to improve the sexual drive through increased testosterone.

Vitamin C: The human body cannot naturally produce Vitamin C and as such, it needs to be derived from other means like supplements and IV Drips. The function of Vitamin C in relation to increased libido or higher sexual drive is that Vitamin C helps in the production of sexual hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Hormones help to boost sexuality, libido, and fertility.

Vitamin B12 & MIC: Studies have shown that Vitamin B12 in women helps to increase energy causing less body fatigue creating and enhancing a positive mood. And a positive mood and increased energy contribute to a higher sexual drive.

On the other hand, MIC is popular for its ability to burn fat efficiently. It helps to regulate sleep, mood, and energy and thus contributes to higher libido.

libido iv treatment

Want to reignite that long-lost spark in your sex life?

At IV Concierge we offer mobile Libido IV service to help increase your sexual desires wherever you are in Miami or Flordia. We offer safe, FDA-approved treatments that are completely private and confidential. Our specialists will work with you directly to provide the treatment of your choice, based on your individual needs and desires. 

Our Libido IV drips are designed for men and women and have been proven to increase stamina, blood flow, and energy. Now you won’t have to worry about getting home late from work or missing out on a date if you can’t get in the mood. Just call us up, tell us what you need, and we’ll set up an appointment for you. Don’t wait another day—start loving yourself today!

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