IV Treatment: Top 10 Benefits and Why You Might Need One Now


Intravenous (IV) treatments are not new. They are commonly administered to patients in emergency and critical conditions, to increase chances of survival. However, an iv treatment is not only effective in life-threatening situations, it can also be applied to resolve common health challenges that may not require hospitalization.


IV therapy helps with the rapid delivery of medications and essential vitamins and fluids to the bloodstream, bringing fast and lasting relief to the body. It is often used by athletes, artists, and busy professionals for recovery after strenuous activities, and to boost health performance. The good news is anyone can easily access an IV treatment at home, anywhere in South Florida.


How Intravenous Therapy Works


An IV therapy may consist of different fluids, depending on the purpose for which it is administered. Common IV drips contain saline solutions, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, or antibiotics. These fluids are usually placed in a thin plastic tube called catheter which has a needle.


A qualified nurse administers the therapy by placing the catheter’s needle into your vein, anywhere around your arm. Once your vein has been accessed, the nurse removes the needle and leaves the catheter in the vein to deliver the IV drips. After the IV has been inserted, the nurse adjusts or checks the pump to ensure that the delivery rate is correct.


The iv fluid goes directly into the bloodstream, and that way, the therapy is absorbed into the body and performs its work faster, having bypassed the digestive system. It takes about 40 minutes to complete a therapy and the patient is expected to be in a relaxed position during this time.


Benefits of IV Treatment


Still wondering whether an IV treatment can work for your current situation or not? Read on to learn about different health conditions and the many benefits of IV therapy.


1. IV Treatment Boosts the Immune System

Most people do not take the kind of nutrition that is capable of replenishing the body’s nutrients, and this usually makes the immune system compromised. When you feel tired, exhausted and fall ill often, consider taking an infusion therapy to boost your immune system. You will quickly feel rejuvenated when you take an iv fluid with loads of essential vitamins and minerals


2. Dehydration Treatment IV can replenish fluids to Vital Organs

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than is replenished. It can be caused by not drinking enough fluids, excessive sweating, excessive caffeine intake, or conditions such as diarrhea and vomiting.


Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, reduced urination, and dizziness. When dehydration becomes severe, it can shut down vital organs, and taking oral dehydration at this time may not remedy the situation quickly. However, an IV hydration therapy replenishes fluids to vital organs quickly and returns you to normalcy.


3. IV treatment for Migraines and Headaches delivers quick results

Whether they are caused by stress, foods, lack of sleep, or hormonal changes, when migraines come, they typically put you off balance. Migraine symptoms can be noticed with sensitivity to light and sound and severe headaches. When things get intense, migraines can defy the most effective pain relievers.


However, an IV treatment for migraines will rehydrate you with the necessary electrolytes and vitamins as they are delivered into your bloodstream. Therefore, when oral medications fail, you can try IV therapy for fast relief.


4. IV Therapy can Boost Performance in Sport

As an athlete, you need essential vitamins and minerals to boost your energy level and revitalize your immune system after strenuous exercise. Add IV therapy to your training routine to help you recover from training fatigue and stay fit. You need to restore your body fluids and vitamins lost during an intense workout and IV therapy can deliver faster results than what sports drinks could do.

5. Conquer Busy Schedules with Improved Health

If you are a busy executive, a professional with high stress levels, a traveler suffering from jet lag, or a student with tedious study schedules. you can receive a quick boost of hydration nutrients to revitalize your immune system. This will keep you in an optimal health condition to conquer your busy schedule without exhaustion.


6. Get Instant Relief from Hangovers

Are you experiencing nausea, dizziness, fatigue, headache, thirst, and dry mouth after a drinking bout? You are probably having hangover symptoms. An IV hangover cure can help to detoxify your body quickly and relieve the symptoms.


Such treatment you can receive is IV vitamins for hangover relief. They usually contain vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes such as B1, B12, C, calcium, zinc, folic acid, amino acid, potassium, and sodium.  These fluids are delivered into your bloodstream in the right proportions and they help to detoxify your liver and help you get over your hangover.


7. Get Relief from Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy can be problematic. It is usually accompanied by symptoms like nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and vomiting which can lead to dehydration.


You can get IV anti-nausea treatment to relieve you of your symptoms while maintaining the safety of both you and your baby. Apart from the relief it provides from morning sickness, IV therapy also helps to deliver the right amount of vitamins and minerals needed for optimal fetal growth.


8. Fasttrack your Addiction Recovery Process

It takes more than willpower to break an addiction. You need a special kind of treatment such as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) therapy. The treatment helps repair cellular damage caused by addiction. Because the NAD fluid is delivered into the bloodstream, a maximum effect is guaranteed.


NAD IV therapy assists with full-body detox, DNA repair, brain functionality, and restoring your health at the nerves and cellular level. An IV treatment can indeed be a sure path to addiction recovery.


9. Reduce Intake of Oral Medications

You need loads of drugs and supplements to fight diseases and meet up with your body’s vitamin and nutrient requirements. The truth is taking oral medications can put some pressure on the digestive system. Besides, some of these medications taken orally are not fully absorbed into the body, or their actions are delayed, resulting in prolonged symptoms.


On the contrary, IV treatments by-passes the digestive system and deliver directly into the bloodstream, bringing instant relief. Consider IV treatments to always be on top of your game without having to swallow so many medications.


10. Getting an IV Treatment at Home is possible

Access IV treatment at home using mobile IV services. Whatever the kind of IV therapy you need, whether it’s a treatment for a hangover, migraines, and headache, rehydration, or as an immune booster, always contact IVconcierge for the most effective and fast remedy.



Contact ivconcierge for all your mobile IV needs in Miami and the whole of South Florida. Get a free consultation today by calling 855 225 2102.

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