IV Therapy For Weight Loss – Be Ready For New Season

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iv therapy for weight loss

Before you say it, we all know that IV therapy isn’t the first choice when we think about diets and weight loss. But that’s where we’re wrong. 

People on a weight loss journey are just like everyone else: They want fast results. I get it, we all do. But the truth is that you can’t cheat your body into losing weight. Doing so will only end in heartache.

Low-calorie diets and exercising alone may not be able to help you achieve the weight loss that you desire. You need a powerful and effective slimming strategy, which would aid your weight loss journey and help get that ideal body right away!

In this blog, I’m going to tell you about the benefits of IV therapy for weight loss and how it helps you achieve that summer body you desire.

IV Therapy For Weight Loss

weight loss iv

First, it’s important to note that IV therapy on its own isn’t a magic solution that makes you lose weight. IV Therapy works effectively when combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

How does Weight Loss IV work?

Before diving into how IV therapy for weight loss works its magic, let’s take a look at what IV therapy is.


IV therapy is simply a delivery method for fluids and nutrients to pass into the body through the veins.


So, how does it work for weight loss?


To achieve long-lasting change in your weight loss journey, your body requires a good balance of vitamins and minerals. And IV Therapy involves the use of IV fluids that contain these nutrients and most importantly an efficient delivery system.


One of the main reasons why IV therapy for weight loss works is because the fluids containing the nutrients are absorbed completely by the body as compared to oral alternatives that require digestion before it takes effect.


Hydration is also important for weight loss. You might ask how? Studies have shown a linkage between weight loss and hydration. This is because when the body is dehydrated and lacks the required amount of fluid, you are bound to feel run down making it difficult to eat a balanced diet or even energy to exercise but Weight loss IV helps your weight loss journey in this regard by providing the necessary fluid to keep you hydrated.


Also, the customizable feature of IV drips makes it possible to create a solution that fits your health goals. To help facilitate weight loss, a supplement of methionine inositol choline (MIC) enzymes could be added to your IV fluid to help target fatty deposits or L-carnitine which enable muscle mass growth.

Benefits of IV therapy for weight loss & how it helps boost weight loss

iv vitamin for weight loss

Here are some benefits of Weight loss IV that helps you achieve that hot bod;

  1. Support Changing Body Composition: With the addition of supplements such as MIC or L-carnitine to your IV fluid, your body gets leaner and fit as the muscle mass increases while body fat reduces
  2. Optimizing Vitamin Levels to boost energy: To lose weight, it’s commonplace for most people to reduce their calorie intake and work out more but this can cause a dip in your energy level. Vitamin IV drips contain B-vitamins and electrolytes that can help restore your energy levels. With this boost of energy, you will be able to undertake physical exercises to help in your weight loss journey
  3. Improved Sleep: When a person is awake or active, the body works hard to cope with the challenges of living and that’s why restoration and healing usually take place in the body when the body is asleep and sleep is an essential weight loss strategy because when a person is deficient in Vitamins, the sleep becomes irregular and this affects weight-loss efforts causing the body to hold on to fat. And with IV therapy, the vitamins are completely and effectively absorbed making the body perform at its peak.
  4. Post-Work Out recovery: When starting a new exercise regimen to help achieve your weight loss goals, you are bound to feel serious muscle aches but it’s important to keep working out to achieve your weight goals. With IV infusion for weight loss, the body is rehydrated and nutrients are delivered into the body to help replace lost fluids as a result of sweating as well as muscle healing to keep your muscles and body stronger
  5. Healthy Tissues & Cells: The process of losing weight takes a toll on the body and IV therapy helps to replace what the body needs to function optimally. Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals support cellular health.

What IV therapy for weight loss can't do

It’s important to note that Weight loss IV cannot magically transform your body and IV infusion is just one of the means through which you can accomplish your weight loss goal. Independently, IV therapy for weight loss cannot help you lose weight without combining it with some of these healthy lifestyle tips 


Tips to help you lose weight + IV therapy


  1. Stop Crash diets: In the short run, this crash diet might work and may sound appealing but they make it difficult for you to build habits that are sustainable to help achieve long-term change. Crash diets may not help achieve healthy weight loss for the long-term and could cause damage to the body
  2. Gradual Change of your diet: Trying to go “cold turkey” on a diet might seem like the best thing to do to achieve that overnight weight loss, especially with all the pressure of weight loss pictures and ads on social media. However, it’s important to note that maintaining your weight loss requires consistent effort and it’s much easier and more effective to commit to small changes over time making it a part of your lifestyle.
  3. Exercise: This is an essential part of your weight loss journey. Apart from helping you to lose excess weight, exercises are important to keep you fit and in great shape in the long term and not just for your short-term weight loss goals. 

Are you interested in taking the first step to losing weight, but not sure where to turn? 


At IV Concierge, We help our clients lose weight, feel healthier and live a healthier lifestyle with our Weight Loss IV Therapy. In just one visit we can help you shed pounds…many visits will help you lose the weight and keep it off!!


With our mobile weight loss IV service, you can shed pounds while sitting down at home—a great option if you’re short on time but still committed to your health and fitness. 

Discover the Top 4 Tips

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Discover the Top 4 Tips

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