IV Сovid Recovery in Miami: Are you Feeling Weak?


Before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors administered drugs via different routes. Certain drugs require either oral or subcutaneous intake. Some drugs are thermolabile while others aren’t. Administering a thermolabile drug orally can be easily denatured. Hence, doctors administer such drugs via other routes.


Different routes of drug administration lie on the drugs’ duration of effect on target organs. That is, some routes take longer to get to the effector organs than others. Generally, intravenously administered drugs take a shorter time to act. 


Seeing that the coronavirus multiplies quickly, we must inhibit their growth. In inhibiting their growth, we greatly restrict their multiplication and spread to vital organs. Hence, doctors now use IV drip administration for COVID-19 treatment.


What then is the uniqueness of IV Сovid recovery on COVID-19 treatment? Today, we’ll both discuss IV treatment for COVID-19 symptoms. Enjoy!

COVID-19 Symptoms: How Do You Feel?

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It’s no new news that the recent occurrence and advent of the Covid-19 virus has led immune infrastructure into complete compromise. Majorly, people who have had contact with this virus show peculiar symptoms. 


These symptoms can resemble symptoms of other illnesses of different origins. The most common of these Symptoms is FEVER. Not to be confused, as Fever [Medically termed:- Uncontrolled Hyperthermia], is the first stage of many other illnesses. In the Case of Covid-19, it’s peculiar as it occurs throughout the body and even at genital organ levels.


The illness is caused by the coronavirus and begins with droplets or fluids from infected animals. To be precise, the virus is transmitted via mucous media. The coronavirus can thrive in the air or on surfaces and survive there for long periods. Once an uninfected person comes in contact with infected air or surfaces, they increase their risk of contamination. Their chances of risk increase once they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth immediately after touching these infected surfaces.


That said, coronavirus patients, come down with varying symptoms. So, it’d be wrong to base these symptoms on just some peculiar symptoms. Here are common COVID-19 symptoms include:


  • A cough
  • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Chills, sometimes with shaking
  • Body aches
  • Headache
  • A sore throat
  • Congestion or a runny nose
  • Loss of taste
  • Loss of smell
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea


Any of these symptoms are experienced by anyone who has come in contact with or is infected by the COVID-19 virus. However, the epidemiology of the virus is not 100% exact because many times, the virus may not go through the regular process and method of infection leading to one symptom preceding the other in no regular pattern.


For most patients, their COVID-19 symptoms start with a fever. Once fever begins, infected individuals experience a form of itch and discomfort at the throat level. Often, this is called ‘Sore throat’, and it won’t stop. Instead of ceasing, the sore throat progresses further down the respiratory passage into the level of the lungs. In the lungs, it interacts with ACE2 receptors and causes shortness of breath and inflammation of the lungs.

Treatment for COVID-19; IV Covid Recovery Model

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The coronavirus has penetrated the fabric of the world in such a vast and fast method. Many infected people face long-term or Short-term symptoms that weaken them greatly. Even for patients who just recovered from the virus, doctors ensure they undergo intensive medical care and treatments as symptoms can persist for weeks. These symptoms can be mild or even severe causing patients to act sluggish. 


However, IV treatments pose better options and solutions to help suppress COVID-19 symptoms. Also, with IV Covid recovery treatments, patients can quicken their recovery time and feel hearty again. IVs deliver substances or fluids that contain antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and electrolytes, directly into your bloodstream. Oftentimes, this administration is through a vein in the body. 


The essence of IVs administration is to allow for rapid penetration of drugs and its components into the body. To do so, they easily cross the blood-body barrier. 


For this reason, IV Covid Recovery treatments are an efficient way for your body to absorb electrolytes and nutrients. Hence, explaining why they are effective at alleviating COVID-19 symptoms. 


“The IV contains B complex vitamins, vitamin b12, Zink, IM of vitamin D, vitamin C, and Magnesium. The secret ingredient is glutathione which is probably considered the mother of all antioxidants,” said Dr. Jonathan Rakofsky, MD IV, at the IV Concierge.


This means the damages caused to the body system by the Virus can be reduced and almost stopped by giving intravenous FDA-approved drugs which have almost a 100% absorption rate into the body and help fight against the virus efficiently and effectively.


This landmark is of great success in battling this virus as people now have a ray of hope in the fight against this virus.


The human body has a defense mechanisms system that acts to protect it from foreign invasion. This system is often referred to as the immune system.


The immune system protects the body from foreign particles like fungi, toxins, viruses and bacteria. The sole function of the immune system is to attack these foreign organisms. 


To effectively carry out their role, the immune system needs boosts like sleep, hydration, a good diet, and effective drugs. These and many more help patients build their immune systems.


However, the immune system can compromise due to the lack of any of these. When this occurs, it makes one susceptible to illnesses and injuries. Most especially, patients are most susceptible to viral infections.


Although effective, IV therapies don’t prevent viral invasions. Instead, they strengthen the immune system to fight a wide range of viruses. Hence, the essentiality of boosting your immune system.


Frequently Asked Questions on IV COVID-19 Recovery Treatments


  1. Does Bamlanivimab infusion have side effects?

There are some side effects of Bamlanivimab infusion. Some commonly reported side effects are diarrhea, nausea, headache, dizziness, vomiting, and itchy sensation. However, it is noteworthy that there are still undergoing clinical studies of how safe and effective Bamlanivimab is. Furthermore, Bamlanivimab infusion side effects can include soreness of the infusion site, swelling, bleeding, temporary pain, infection, and slight bruises. 


  1. What are the criteria for qualifying for Bamlanivimab infusion?

For a patient to qualify for Bamlanivimab infusion, they must meet one of these criteria:

  •   They must have critical kidney disease
  •   They must be diabetic
  •   Their body mass index must not be lower than 35
  •   They must be received at the moment immunosuppressive therapy
  •   They must have an immunosuppressive disease
  •   They must be not less than 65 years
  •   If a patient is below 65 or is 55 years, they must have:
  •   hypertension or Cardiovascular disease
  •   Severe obstructive pulmonary disease
  •   A chronic respiratory disease
  •   A chronic respiratory disease
  •   Who can qualify for Bamlanivimab infusion?
  •   Anyone who has been tested positive for Covid with either moderate or mild symptoms. 

In addition, they must

  •   Have not had or shown symptoms for a period of ten days.
  •   Be 12 years or older.
  •   the minimum weight requirement is 88 pounds.

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Discover the Top 4 Tips

that help you fully
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Discover the Top 4 Tips

that help you fully
recover from Covid-19

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