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How to get over a Hangover with IV Treatment


Oh, that dreaded feeling when you wake up the next morning after a fun night out with a gruesome headache, thirst, and sensitivity to light! Congratulations, you’ve got the hangover. A hangover is a series of unpleasant (to say the least) symptoms that occur after taking excess
amounts of alcohol. It’s hard to tell the exact amount of alcohol you should drink to avoid a hangover. All in all, we all need to know our limits.

A hangover eventually goes away on its own, yet it takes some time, usually at least 24 hrs. The most common way of dealing with that includes taking certain supplements, eating a healthy breakfast and drinking lots and lots of water, among others.

What do you do when your regular go-to options just aren’t as effective and you need to start feeling better, fast! That’s where our IV therapy hangover drip comes to the rescue.

The IV therapy Hangover drip is a blend of vitamins, electrolytes and fluids that detoxify the body to treat those pesky hangover symptoms. It provides quick headache relief, eases nausea and flushes away toxins. IV fluids for hangover are one of the most effective ways to prevent a hangover, so let’s dive into some of these methods.

Old School Ways of How to Prevent a Hangover

Drink in moderation (will you though?)

There’s no doubt that a hangover is a result of excessive drinking of alcohol. Drinking in moderation can be helpful. Having a friend who is always dragging you to excessive drinking? It’s high time to say, “No” to that friend and raise your willpower.

Drink enough water (most people never drink enough water)

Too much drinking causes dehydration. However, when you have enough fluids in your body, you’ll be fine. Also, here’s a fun fact, alcohol is a diuretic and a depressant, so always drink in moderation. In most cases, even if you drink a lot of water beforehand, you’ll still have a problems if you consume too much alcohol, so you still have to rely on your willpower or go with our hangover iv hydration therapy to rehydrate yourself.

Don’t drink on an empty stomach (plan your meals)

This is a no-brainer, yet still worth mentioning. You can pair alcohol with food to help your body efficiently break down alcohol. Digestion of food during or before alcohol consumption helps to increase the ADH hormone level, blood flow in your liver and sugar fructose. This helps your
body to break down alcohol faster.

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Here’s the BEST IV Infusion for Hangover

Our hangover IV contains nutrients with re-hydrating, anti-inflammatory and nausea-fighting characteristics. Here are some life-saving nutrients in these IV rehydration hangover drips.

Pre-Party IV Drip

This vitamin is crucial to pump you up if you want to prepare your body before the party so that you can reduce your hangover symptoms. It’s an IV solution for hangover with a lot of electrolytes and Vitamins. You can utilize it before that party as a hangover hydration IV.

This drip has Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and fluids:

Vitamin B12 – assists to boost energy levels and metabolism

Vitamin C – Has antioxidants that help to reduce oxidative stress which might result from drinking alcohol. Oxidative stress is imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals in your body.

After Party IV Drip

Even if you drink too much and later experience a hangover, you can opt in for our After Party IV Drip to save yourself from the agonizing pain. It’s the best IV for hangover when there’s no other option to ease those terrible symptoms after excessive drinking. Our IV drips micronutrients, antioxidants and one full liter of hydration.

In addition to Vitamin C, fluids and B12 (mentioned above)…this miracle drip (as our clients like to call it) includes the following vitamins as well:

Vitamin B – Complex- Involved in energy production by speeding up the reaction of enzymes in your body.

Toradol – Has anti-inflammatory properties.

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How Does an IV Help a Hangover?

Are infusion drips known to be hangover cure IV fluids? We hardly like using the word “cure,” yet it is close to a cure, yes, because the relief you feel is nearly instant. The nutrients in the hangover IV drip have anti-nausea, re-hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. Your body feels replenished and filled with the right vitamins to help you feel your best. Alcohol reduces some crucial nutrients from your kidneys, leaving you dehydrated, which is you why feel exhausted and dizzy, among other symptoms.
The nutrients in the hangover IV drip have anti-nausea, re-hydrating, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Convenience of a Hangover IV Drip at Home

We come to you, wherever you are! Did you crash at your friend’s place, because you were too out of it to drive back? Good choice in not getting behind the wheel. Give us a call and our nurses will come to you to deliver a hangover IV Drip at home to accelerate your recovery time. Just think of us as your IV Hangover Cure Miami team.

Our IV treatment doesn’t just help you recover from a hangover. They are also great for preventing them as well, so ask us about the Pre party Drip we mentioned earlier in this article. It is perfectly safe to do a hangover iv drip at home.

Mobile hangover services are also available. We’re there for you, quite literally.

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