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How to Organize Safe Private Parties During COVID-19

How To Organize Safe Private Events During Covid-19

Considering recent COVID-19 reports, we may quickly assume we’ve seen a decline in covid-19 cases. While we don’t dispute that, it doesn’t refute the ease of transmission of the virus.

At first, there were strict rules on social distancing, which included bans on both small and large gatherings. However, these rules have been amended, and people can now gather but within stipulated numbers.

While some countries frown at gatherings of any sort, other countries accommodate small gatherings but with measures put in place. We’re then left with organizing small gatherings but with measures put in place.

But, should you cancel your elegant plans to party with your friends and family?

Not yet! This article exposes everything about organizing a safe private party during COVID-19.

Factors to Consider Before Organizing a Private Party During the Pandemic

You’d need to take certain measures before organizing a private party during COVID-19. These measures are beyond moderating the number of attendees at the party or even restricting the activities of the attendees.

For some measures, you may have to spend more money as is the case with covid-19 testing. Asides from these, there are other factors to consider before planning a private party during COVID-19.

The Rate of Covid-19 Cases in the Involved Society

Often, when we plan a private gathering, we host visitors from other vicinities. If these visitors are coming from places with high virus cases, there is a higher chance of infection. Hence, you’d need to check the current statistics about covid-19 cases in their vicinities and visitors before sending out invitations.

The Event’s Setting

Commonly, private parties are indoor events. In some cases, they can be outdoor events. Hosting an indoor private party during covid-19 is not recommendable. The reason for this is the restricted ventilation in the area.

The CDC recommends a proper ventilation if at worst scenarios people must gather. If you’d prefer an outdoor event for your private party, the number of guests at the event is a factor to consider. A high number of people at a private party can increase the chances of infection than to a sparse number of people.

If the event is an outdoor event, one may need to consider the event area and the number of attendees for the party. For indoor events, one should prepare for a low number of people.

Insure your venue

First and foremost, ensure you communicate health measures to your guests upon arrival. But most importantly, ensure your guests follow them.

To further curtail the spread of the virus, ensure you have the following

  • Clean water and soap for guests to wash their hands
  • A hand sanitizer for guests
  • Signage for guests indicating 2 meters distance among guests
  • A Proper ventilation system.

Proper hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene during the party is non-negotiable. Since the virus is commonly found on the surface, you must ensure always to clean the:

  • doorknobs
  • Faucets
  • Counters

These places are the most touching places during private parties. You may also want to limit the number of people serving food at your party.

Guests who haven’t had any Covid test shouldn’t be allowed as they can infect other guests. If any guest gets sick after attending your party, do well to inform another guest so they can go for a rapid COVID test.

It’s however worthy of mention that vaccinated individuals should put on their mask in private parties. Both for themselves and for the other guests.

To Wrap It Up

We don’t underdetermine the place of covid testing before inviting guests to a party. When you insist that guests undergo COVID tests, it helps you plan better and help you prevent the further spread of the disease. It shows that you value the health status of your guests. We strongly recommend a rapid covid test when you notice any related symptoms.

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