How to get iv fluids at home

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In times of crisis, some people die on their doorsteps, not because paramedics or the ambulances can’t reach the people. But these vehicles fail to reach the people just because they don’t have IV fluids in their home and they needed a saline drip or some other fluids solution.


If you want to get IV fluids at home, it can be done with only a few simple tools.


Whether you’re dehydrated from vomiting or simply don’t drink enough water, getting hydrated is quite important. IV fluids help replenish your fluid levels more quickly than drinking water alone.


Did you know that having IV fluids at home can increase the rate at which your body recovers? It’s true.

In this blog, we take a look at how to get IV fluids at home.


First, What are IV Fluids?


IV fluids are also known as saline solutions. It is usually made up of sodium chloride and water which are usually injected into a person’s vein through an IV tube to help in the prevention of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.


Purpose of IV fluids
The reason why IV fluids are important and are used stems from the fact that the human body is 60% water and when the body lacks the required amount of water that leads to dehydration and that’s why IV fluids are necessary when a person is critically dehydrated.


Types of IV Fluids


There are various types of IV fluids and your health provider or physician will determine which is best for you depending on your condition.


  1. Crystalloid solutions: These are the common kinds of IV Fluids and usually contain little dissolved molecules that are transported easily from the bloodstream into tissues and cells. Examples of this type of solution are; saline (salt) in water and D5W which is dextrose (sugar) in water. Another example is lactated Ringer’s which often contains sodium, chloride, potassium, and lactate, this solution is often used in the case of aggressive fluid replacement.
  2. Colloids: This type of fluid is characterized by its large molecules that could easily pass through cell membranes and are more likely to reside in the blood vessels.

The benefit of IV fluids


The major benefit of IV fluid is the fact that its effect is almost immediate as the nutrients go directly into your bloodstream bypassing your digestive tract thereby making you feel better instantly.


So, how to get IV fluids at home? You can get at home IV fluids mostly when you are undergoing IV therapy treatment at home.


So, what is at-home IV therapy?


Home IV therapy is simply a means to receive IV treatment within the comfort of your space and outside a hospital environment. Previously, most patients got iv fluids or IV treatment therapy only when they visit a hospital which can prove a bit hectic and tiresome for some especially those with mobility issues. However, in modern times, it’s now possible to receive Iv therapy from the comfort of your home with the presence of a highly-qualified nurse and this practice has gained a lot of popularity. Oftentimes, at home IV therapy is usually recommended for patients who need long-term IV treatment.


Other reasons why people require At-home IV treatment are as follows;

  • Some antibiotics cannot be taken orally and are much more effective when administered through IV
  • Getting nutrition intravenously
  • Hormone-deficiency treatment

Now, let’s take a look at what goes on during at-Home IV Therapy.


As stated earlier, at-home IV therapy is usually recommended and used by patients who are suffering from an illness or disease that demands long or short-term IV treatment. During the treatment, qualified medical personnel will visit your home on a scheduled basis to help in setting up and administering the IV fluids. While doing this, the medical personnel will make an assessment of your overall wellbeing, sanitization of your equipment, insert the catheter into your veins, monitor the dosage and period of treatment while also adjusting the catheter, and finally observe the patient’s reaction during the treatment to make sure that there are no complications.


Also, another point worthy of note is the various factors to watch out for when choosing an At-home IV therapy provider

  1. Is the provider licensed and professionally qualified to administer IV therapy?
  2. Do they take proper care of their equipment by sterilizing it before usage?
  3. Does the provider asks necessary questions regarding the patients’ health before and after treatment?
  4. Are they observant about the correctness of the dosage and medication administered?
  5. Do they ensure the comfort of the patient in their care?


Now, let’s take a look at the types of At-home IV fluids


Most times IV therapy is administered through either infusions or injections.


IV injections: This involves the quick injection of a one-time dose of the required treatment directly into the vein. This type of treatment is usually used during medical emergencies

IV infusion: This is usually used to administer treatment slowly but consistently over some time and it comes in two forms;

  • Drip infusion
  • Pump Infusion

Drip Infusion: This type of infusion leverages gravity to achieve a consistent amount of treatment over time. Usually, this involves an IV bag that is hung on a drip stand that is attached to an IV line. The bag or fluid container has all the contents of the treatment and has a drip chamber whose function is to take count of the rate of drips while also preventing air from getting into the bloodstream.


Pump Infusion: This type of infusion involves the attachment of a pump to the IV line to get precise control of the delivery of the treatment into the body over some time. There are two types of pump infusion; syringe infusion pumps and volumetric pumps.


In need of IV fluids for your IV therapy in Miami and South Florida? IV Concierge can help you supplies you need to achieve the treatment your body requires.


At IV Concierge, We are an experienced company that can help with all IV needs, such as hydration, hangover treatment, pain management, and more. With our mobile IV treatment, our team will help deliver the treatment needed to anyone who needs it within the comfort of their home.

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Discover the Top 4 Tips

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