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How Long Does Being Drunk Last?

How Long Does Being Drunk Last?
So you’re planning a night out with friends but have work the next day. You’re surely wondering: how long does being drunk last? It’s hard to say, but there’s a way to make your recovery faster.
On average, your liver can metabolize alcohol from one drink per hour. However, this doesn’t mean that the effects will wear off just as quickly.
It’s important to understand the factors that affect how long alcohol stays in your system and what you can do to expedite the process. Read on to learn how we can help you get the buzz off faster than any solution you know.

The effects of alcohol on your body

A night of drinking can throw your system off balance. It will cause a slew of symptoms that will compromise your physical and mental state.
Every person experiences drunkenness differently. Others have it for the long haul, while others can shake it off with a good snack.
Also, just because you don’t sway while walking doesn’t mean you’re not physiologically drunk.
Drunkenness is measured by your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This pertains to the alcohol content compared to the water in your blood.
If you have a BAC of at least .08 grams per deciliter (dL), you are considered drunk.
Generally, most people will experience the following drunk symptoms after a binge drinking session:
  • Slurred speech
  • Impaired judgment
  • Balance problems
  • Poor concentration
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of alertness
  • Sleepiness
These are the immediate effects of alcohol consumption, but the worse is yet to come. When you wake up the following day, you’ll have to deal with the much-dreaded scenario: a hangover.
Hangover symptoms include headaches, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and sensitivity to light and sound. In most cases, hangovers can last 24 hours, but they can also stretch for 3 days.
But how do hangovers happen? Once alcohol is absorbed into your body, it will cause your blood sugar and blood pressure will fluctuate.
Alcohol is also diuretic, which means you’ll urinate more and lose lots of fluids. You also lose nutrients and electrolytes in the process.
All of these drastic activities in your body will trigger physical symptoms. Depending on the amount you drink, you may stay drunk the morning after.

Factors that affect how long you stay drunk

How long you stay drunk depends on several factors. Two persons can drink the same amount of alcohol but stay buzzed for different lengths of time.
How does this happen? The following factors are the culprit:

The amount of alcohol you drank

The more you drink, the longer you stay intoxicated. It’s because your body can only metabolize a specific amount of alcohol at a time.
If you chugged multiple glasses in one sitting, expect your buzz to linger for hours.
However, it’s not just how much you had but also the alcohol content in every glass or shot. A few shots of premium whisky will make you drunk longer than two or three glasses of beer.
In general, higher alcohol content translates to more extended periods of drunkenness.

How fast you drank

Aside from the amount of liquor and alcohol you take, you should also consider how fast you chug them.
Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period will make you drunk faster and for longer periods. It’s because your body can’t keep up in metabolizing the alcohol in your bloodstream.
So if you want to keep the buzz at a minimum, sip your drinks slower. This way, your liver won’t have to do excess work to flush out all the alcohol.

Your body weight

Your weight dictates how diluted the alcohol will be in your bloodstream. This means that a bigger person will have lower BAC levels than a thinner individual, even if they drank the same alcohol content.
Also, thinner persons tend to get drunk longer than those who weigh more than them. It’s because the alcohol content is so concentrated in the bloodstream, and the liver needs more time to metabolize all of it.

What you ate before drinking

There’s science behind why you should never drink alcohol on an empty stomach.
Food slows down the absorption of alcohol, which means your liver will have enough time to metabolize alcohol as it enters the bloodstream.
In contrast, if you drink with an empty stomach, the alcohol gets absorbed fast. This floods your bloodstream and overwhelms your liver. The result is you get drunk quicker and longer, much so if you keep chugging more.
The next time you go for a night out, make sure you have a good meal. This will help you sober up faster and reduce hangover symptoms the next day.

Your overall health

People with a fast metabolism can shake off the buzz quicker. But if you have a lower metabolic rate, expect you’ll experience longer periods of drunkenness.
Aside from that, you have to consider the health of your liver. If you have liver damage or liver disease, you’ll get easily drunk, even with small amounts of alcohol.
You’ll also suffer from extreme hangovers, and your liver condition will worsen.
If you’re taking medications, you may suffer from adverse reactions when you drink alcohol. This includes antibiotics, allergy medications, cold and flu drugs, and any medication for neurological conditions.

Your tolerance level

This is where most people differ when it comes to how fast they sober up. Regular heavy drinkers tend to be more tolerant and can stay functional longer.
It’s because their bodies have gotten used to alcohol that it needs more to give them the same buzz they had before.
However, just because you can function after taking loads of alcohol doesn’t mean you’re not drunk. It all boils down to your BAC or the alcohol concentration in your bloodstream.
Before you brag about your alcohol tolerance, you should know that tolerance and dependence go together. Try to keep things in moderation to avoid having issues with your drinking habits.

How hangover IV therapy helps

There’s really no instant fix for drunkenness. The best way to sober up is drinking plenty of water, resting, and waiting for your liver to do its work.
Still, you can give your body a helping hand by replenishing lost fluids and nutrients with added medication. You can get all of these in our Hangover IV Therapy.
This intravenous treatment delivers the formula straight into your bloodstream. This way, you’ll receive the hydration and nutrients your body needs to sober up.
It’s also more effective in tackling hangovers. With our Hangover IV, you can bounce back from the symptoms faster than any oral solution or other remedies you know.
When it comes to hangovers, our clients swear by these IVs:
Pre-Party IV. This is best taken before you go for a night out. It prepares your body and helps fight hangover symptoms before it happens.
After Party IV. After all has been drunk and done, our After Party IV will help you sober up and recover. It’s a medicated IV that will flush out toxins and clear up intense hangover symptoms.
Black Out IV. Did you have one too many last night? Our Black Out IV will provide relief from the worst hangovers.

Are there side effects to Hangover IV therapy?

Hangover IV therapy is relatively safe for almost everyone. Our licensed nurse will conduct a quick consultation to know your medical background and how much you drank or planning to drink.
This will allow us to personalize your IV drip and create a wellness program that suits your needs.
Since we only use premium ingredients for our IV therapy, our patients only experience minor side effects. Most of them only experience mild swelling in the injection area, a flushed feeling, and a warm/cool sensation in their arms.
These minor side effects resolve after a few hours without any medical intervention.

Break free from your hangover fast!

Do you get severe hangovers after a night out? You don’t have to suffer every time you try to have fun.
You can book a hangover IV drip from us before you start binge drinking. The morning after, we will be at your place with a personalized IV drip to make you feel better fast.
Call us and schedule your hangover IV today. We deliver our treatments anywhere in Miami with a licensed nurse to monitor your session.
Rest assured that you’ll feel relief faster than any oral solutions you’ve tried. Paired with moderation, our Hangover IV Therapy will let you have a night out with friends without worries.

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