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How Can NAD Supplements and IV Therapy Help You?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme widely used for a variety of oral, nasal, and intravenous treatments. Two of these are NAD supplements and IV therapy, which are gaining momentum in the wellness scene.
Both these treatments deliver excellent results. However, they have major differences when it comes to efficacy, absorption rate, and other factors.

In this post, we will discuss how these treatments can help you. We will also help you decide which one is best for your health.

NAD supplement benefits

NAD oral supplements can be purchased over the counter. It’s also a very convenient option – simply pop a capsule and you’re good to go.
Depending on the dosage, NAD capsules can be taken once or twice per day. It’s also available in a variety of doses to suit the needs of the user. It increases NAD levels without the long waiting time.

Moreover, NR supplements are a cheaper alternative to IV drips. Those who are on a budget find this a more attractive option to maintain their health.

Aside from that, NAD supplements are ideal for those who have needle aversion. It’s also more suitable for those who have busy schedules.

However, NAD supplements have limitations. Since it goes through the digestive system, it will take longer to absorb.

Also, these supplements have a lower absorption rate. Individuals with nutrient absorption issues tend to benefit less from oral NAD treatments.

In some cases, takers of NAD capsules may experience tummy troubles. This includes diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, and stomach pain.

In terms of effectiveness, NAD+ supplements are less potent than IV drips. Also, it takes away your chance to get extra vitamins and minerals as with IV therapy.

Why NAD IV Therapy is better

nad benefits anti-aging

If you want to reap the most benefits of NAD, IV therapy is a better option than supplements. This treatment is administered intravenously using a drip bag.

Depending on the dosage, a NAD IV drip may take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to finish. It requires a lot of time, but the wait is truly worth the hassle once you see the benefits.

The following are some of the reasons why a NAD IV drip is better:

  • Faster nutrient absorption. IV therapy delivers NAD straight to your bloodstream. This means that your cells receive the coenzyme right away. The delivery is almost instant, which is way better than waiting for your digestive system to break down oral supplements.
  • Higher absorption rate. Compared to the measly 20% to 50% absorption rate of oral supplements, NAD IV drips can guarantee up to 100% absorption. There’s no wastage in the nutrient composition of the IV drip since it bypasses the digestive tract.
  • No stomach upset. If you have a sensitive stomach, NAD IV therapy is a safer option than a NAD booster supplement. Again, no digestion is involved in IV therapy, so there’s no risk of having stomach issues with this treatment.
  • Infused with extra nutrients. Aside from NAD, an IV therapy can also be infused with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This will deliver more health benefits aside from what NAD has to offer. Your IV drip can also be personalized based on your individual needs, deficiencies, and wellness goals.
  • Additional hydration. IV drips also deliver additional hydration, thanks to their rejuvenating fluids. This will protect you against dehydration, headaches, and muscle weakness.

NAD IV Therapy benefits

The following are some of the notable benefits of NAD IV Therapy:

  • Improving brain functions. Increasing levels of NAD would greatly assist in improving the cognitive functions of a person. It can have positive effects on individuals dealing with Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Delaying signs of aging. NAD is dubbed as one of the “most effective anti-aging molecules”. It’s because NAD supports DNA repair and boosts the length of telomeres.
  • Enhancing athletic performance. Athletes and people with active lifestyles swear by NAD IV therapy in boosting their energy levels, pain reduction, and metabolism. It’s a natural way to improve physical performance from within.
  • Aiding anxiety reduction. NAD IV therapy is observed to have positive effects in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It helps in keeping a good balance on the brain’s neurotransmitters to combat the symptoms of mental conditions.
  • Helping with addiction recovery. It’s said that NAD IV drips can help reduce the cravings and symptoms of a person recovering from addiction. This is possible as NAD helps restore the balance of the person’s brain functions related to the symptoms.
  • Increasing your energy. NAD plays an important role in the production of ATP, the molecule responsible for the storage and transfer of energy. Higher NAD levels mean increased energy and better endurance. It’s the reason why NAD IV therapy is effective in easing jetlag, hangovers, and muscle soreness.

Who can get NAD IV Therapy?

Almost anyone can get NAD IV Therapy. It’s specifically beneficial for those who have brain fog, chronic fatigue, and symptoms of various ailments.

Even those who are healthy can take advantage of NAD IV drips’ benefits. Regular IV therapy will ensure that your NAD levels are enough to reduce your risk for many illnesses.

Moreover, individuals with age-related conditions are also good candidates for this treatment. NAD IV therapy can boost the person’s cognitive abilities and potentially delay signs of aging.

Also, research shows that NAD can help people with diabetes, heart disease, mitochondrial dysfunction, fibromyalgia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Overall, it’s still best to consult your attending physician before getting this treatment. This is much so if you’re under certain medications.

Here at IV Concierge, each client undergoes a one-on-one consultation before our NAD treatment. This way, we can assess their medical history, health status, and needs prior to the session.

You don’t have to wait for illnesses to catch up on you before you take proactive steps. NAD IV therapy is a great start in ensuring that your body is always in great shape.

Where to get NAD IV Therapy?

When getting NAD IV therapy, you should only trust legitimate providers. This is to ensure that their infusions are effective, safe, and suitable for your body.

If you’re ready to try the NAD IV treatment, you should consider IV Concierge. We provide personalized IV drips to match your needs. Tell us your wellness goals and we will create an IV drip to make it happen.

For your convenience, we will bring the therapy to your location anywhere in South Florida. Our nurses can go to your house, office, or hotel room.

Also, our NAD infusions are guaranteed safe and 100% effective. We only use premium ingredients and our in-house doctor formulates each drip.

Meanwhile, our licensed nurses will be at your side throughout the therapy session. You can relax as our IV therapy boosts your health faster than NAD supplements.

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