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Discover How Joe Rogan Recovered from Covid-19 – FAST!

Joe Rogan Recovered from covid-19

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down would be an understatement. It has been quite a roller coaster and all of us are still doing our best to stay on top of the news regarding COVID-19 regulations, vaccinations and treatment methods, right? We’re going to go on a limb here and assume you want to know about treatment methods that doctors recommend, which can help you if you or your loved ones get sick with COVID-19.

Fortunately, there is; it’s called Monoclonal Antibody IV Therapy Treatment and none other than Joe Rogan, an American comedian, host of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, as well as a UFC color commentator, and a former television presenter, recently shared his experience with COVID-19 and the treatment methods that helped him recover from Covid – FAST!


Monoclonal Antibody IV Therapy Treatment is FDA-approved and EUA-approved.

In the beginning of the video, Joe Rogan points out his disappointment in respect to how CNN misguided the viewers about his Covid recovery process and that “CNN is saying that I’m a distributor of misinformation.”

Rogan said, “I hit it with NAD, high dose of Vitamin C, I think it was 10,000 milligrams of Vitamin C in the IV drip, which is like very effective, it goes right into your bloodstream.” He added, “…and the Monoclonal Antibodies and all the other stuff, literally on Monday I felt pretty…good.”

 AMAZING! Let’s cover the basics:

NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV Therapy helps promote the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in the body, which is responsible for boosting energy and reducing fatigue and low energy. This is why NAD IV Therapy is often recommended for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

In fact, NAD also helps to reduce pain, improve cognitive function and prevent the onset of illnesses and diseases. What do we know about Covid? Well, we know that two of the symptoms of Covid-19 are low energy and body aches. Click here to learn more about NAD+ IV Therapy and how it can help infuse your body with the right nutrients, so you can start feeling better, faster!

So, what is the Monoclonal Antibodies Covid-19 Treatment that Joe Rogan raves about?

Monoclonal Antibodies COVID-19 Treatment

We all naturally produce antibodies, which help fight off infections. When a new virus infects our body, such as COVID-19, our body does not have enough antibodies to kill the virus. So, what do we do? When you come in for the IV therapy session, we use COVID-19 antibodies to give your body the strength it needs to fight off the virus. Plain and simple. We fuel your body with these antibodies in order to lower what’s called the “viral load” in your body, which accelerates your chance of recovery and helps to prevent possible hospitalization or death. Please, click here to learn more about our Monoclonal Antibodies Covid-19 treatment.

We are so happy to hear that Joe Rogan has chosen IV therapy in his recovery process. Thank you, Joe Rogan, for sharing this knowledge with the rest of the world. And to you, our amazing reader, if you feel you may have Covid, please reach out to us for a Covid test and/or an IV therapy session.

Discover the top 4 tips

that help you fully

recover from Covid-19


the top 4 tips

that help you fully

recover from Covid-19