6 Advantages Of Getting IV Covid Recovery Therapy

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Covid Recovery Therapy

When you’re feeling weak and flu-ish, like your entire body aches and you can barely get out of bed while suffering from an intense fever and coughing fits, you don’t feel in a position to make the best decisions for your recovery. If you have covid, then you’re no stranger to this feeling. Many of the symptoms connected with this disorder can greatly slow you down. 


If you’re suffering from Covid-19, IV treatment is the go-to solution for you. It can reduce the pain and discomfort you feel as well as speed up your recovery time. 


In this blog, we take a look at all the advantages of getting IV Covid Recovery Therapy.


First, what is Covid-19?


Covid-19 according to the center for disease control (CDC) is a respiratory disease a new type of coronavirus (SARS-COV2) which was discovered in 2019. The virus mode of transmission is mostly through respiratory droplets from an infected person’s mouth (by talking or coughing), nostrils (by sneezing). Some infected people might be asymptomatic that is they don’t show any symptoms while some that show symptoms might experience mild to severe symptoms.


How does Covid-19 affect the body?

The effect of Covid-19 on the majority of the world’s population has been nothing short of devastating. For those that caught the virus and survived it, some are yet to get back to full health since the infection. Some of the common symptoms that long-term covid survivors suffer are; chronic fatigue, brain fog, back pain, and poor sleep. Research has shown that mild cases of Covid-19 leave a mark on a person’s body system.


When a person is infected with Covid, the immune system is tested to its limit while fighting the virus and the energy expended to fight it can be quite immense with the symptoms lingering for months and in some cases lingering for years (but this is depending on the person’s age and state of the health at the time).


This is why it’s common to find people who survived the virus after a long while, experiencing feelings of helplessness and depression post-Covid.


Although good health before getting infected with the virus can help in the reduction of certain symptoms it’s no guarantee and this is the scary part of the virus as people experience varying symptoms & complications without warning and as such people have no idea whether their body or immune system will be able to withstand the effect of the virus for a long while.


And one of the means to protect yourself against this risk is through IV therapy.


So, what is IV therapy?


IV therapy is simply the intravenous administration of fluids and medications through the vein to the entire system

IV for Covid-19

The FDA gave emergency authorization for the usage of monoclonal antibody infusion therapy in the treatment of Covid-19. IV therapy helps to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream as opposed to oral medication. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits


Before we dive into the benefits of IV Therapy for Covid recovery treatment, let’s take a look at what Monoclonal Antibodies are?


What are IV Monoclonal Antibodies?


Monoclonal Antibodies are artificially-made antibodies that are designed to fight a particular virus or infection such as Covid-19. The function of these IV monoclonal antibodies is to prevent replication of the virus in the body system as well as neutralize the virus by preventing viral attachment or entry into a person’s system.


IV Covid Recovery Therapy involving the use of monoclonal antibodies helps to fight Covid-19 by lowering the viral load that is the amount of virus in the person’s body. Patients who have a low viral load experience mild symptoms and protect them from the risk of hospitalization or death.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of getting IV Covid Recovery Therapy

6 Advantages Of Getting IV Infusion for Covid Recovery Therapy

1. Hydration:

IV therapy is one of the most popular means of treating people battling conditions that cause dehydration. The benefits of getting IV Covid recovery therapy is the fact that the saline composition of the IV helps to rehydrate the muscle and skin cells which helps in the relief of muscle cramps/pain that happen post-covid as a result of the lack of hydration.

Asides from muscle cramps, the IV recovery therapy helps in the prevention of other dehydrating side effects that happen during Covid-recovery such as dry mouth and urinary tract infection. Also, it’s important to note that IV infusion for covid gets you hydrated faster than oral hydration as the amount of water you would need to consume to achieve an IV therapy level of hydration is almost impossible. Asides from water, IV drips also contain other nutrients that consuming water normally wouldn’t give you.

2. Vitamin Deficiency:

For most sufferers of Covid-19 who find it difficult to consume food regularly. IV Covid therapy helps with the replenishment of Vitamin levels. IV drips tend to contain Vitamins such as Vitamin B, C, D as well as folic acids and asides replenishing the body with needed nutrients, IV drips help to prevent nausea or vomiting.

3. Brain Fog Clearance:

Another major advantage of IV-based therapy for Covid recovery is that it helps to clear brain fog. According to studies, one of the causes of brain fog is the lack of hydration, and IV therapy can help fix this. It’s common to hear patients battling Covid-19 symptoms complain about not drinking enough water but this is far from the truth and this is because the brain fog that happens as a result of Covid-19 is, in fact, a result of untreated urinary tract infection that causes the person to feel thirstier.

However, with a good Infusion-based recovery therapy, the elimination of brain fog can be achieved by helping the body to correct the lack of vitamins and replenishing nutrients while also helping the body to efficiently utilize the nutrients being digested

4. Improves wellness:

The importance of IV therapy for post-covid survivors and a post-covid world cannot be overemphasized. This is because aside from providing the body instant relief from the pain of dehydration, it also helps in boosting the immune system to help protect it from whatever infection. Also, it’s important to note especially for people who are infected with the virus and suffer for a long time without being able to consume food or water, IV Covid Recovery therapy is essential

5. Protection from hospitalization/Death:

Studies have shown that monoclonal Antibody infusion therapy helps to reduce the risk of death in at-risk patients who are not in the hospital.

6. Prevents further spread of the virus in the body:

By targeting the viral spike protein, Monoclonal Antibody IV therapy helps to prevent further entry or replication of the virus in the body.


Covid-19 is a tough one to get over but at IV Concierge Team in Miami and South Florida, we are here to guide you back to full recovery.

Our advanced and effective mobile concierge service helps you get the IV treatment to help ease the pain and get you back to great shape in no time.

Our Intravenous infusions help to boost your immune system and help achieve speed recovery, 

Call now for a free consultation to get started.

Discover the Top 4 Tips

that help you fully
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Discover the Top 4 Tips

that help you fully
recover from Covid-19

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