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15 Health Benefits of IV Drip Treatments


IV drip is ideal for both healthy people and those suffering from some health conditions. One good thing about IV treatment is that it doesn’t have any downtime. By downtime, we mean there are no iv drip side effects.


You can use an IV drip if you require dehydration or are deficient in some vitamins and minerals. Thankfully, this article sheds light on the amazing health benefits of iv drips. For some people, IV drip is an important part of their wellness routine.


Let us explore what you stand to gain with IV drip treatments. Enjoy

How Do IV Drip Treatments Work?

IV is the abbreviated form of intravenous, which is administered through the veins and into the bloodstream. The nutrients in fluids from the IV drip bag are infused into the person’s bloodstream. The bloodstream then carries the nutrient straight to the part of the body where they are needed.

Before now, only hospitals were able to administer IV drip treatment. However, things changed with mobile iv therapy being available for anyone in need. Also, now you can find private clinics and IV longing providing IV treatments.


The interesting part of the availability of iv drips is that you can get them as soon as you need them. Also, mobile iv makes receiving IV drips convenient by offering you services right in your office or home.


The procedure of receiving IV drip is rather straightforward and much uniformed. Typically, a medical professional will administer this IV medication to you. 


However, you get a rundown of the process to allay your fears or answer your questions before then. Afterward, the medical professional disinfects the site for injection and then inserts the needle into your vein.


The registered nurse will check the delivery rate of the IV drip once it’s been inserted. Your IV drip treatment may be delivered either through an electronic pump or a manual pump. While receiving your IV drip, you must stay still. Moving around can dislodge or disturb the catheter.


The IV drip treatment should take between 30 and 45 minutes. Medical professionals advise you to receive IV therapy at least once a month. However, if you’re receiving IV drips for the prevention of illnesses, we recommend coming in twice a month. 

Receiving IV drip twice a month aids in the strengthening of your immune system and balancing vitamin deficiency.

IV Drip Treatment Health Benefits

The days when only people who are sick receive IV drips are gone. Now, you’re not compelled to be sick before you receive an IV drip. Although Iv drips are recommended for sick patients, you can receive IV drips to prevent falling sick.


Also, IV drips provide the body with so many vitamins and minerals while offering many benefits. Here are 15 benefits of IV drip treatment.


Promotes weight loss

When in search of something to speed up their weight loss, many people turn to an IV drip. Some IV drips contain lipotropic injections which burn fat. 


Additionally, IV drips known to aid weight loss contain alpha-lipoic acid and carnitine. These supplements promote weight loss when combined with dieting and exercising.


Promotes relaxation and eases anxiety

Rather than consume only antidepressants for depression and other mood-related problems, opt for IV drips. IV drips can make you less anxious and more at ease. 


Also, IV drips contain Magnesium Sulfate which is an electrolyte that reduces blood pressure. Below are some of the functions of magnesium sulfate,

  • Prevention of headaches and migraines
  • Calms anxiety
  • Eases muscles
  • Aids restful sleep
  • Boosts immune system

Cleanses the body of free radicals and toxins

Free radicals can damage DNA and cells. Thankfully, IV drips rid your body of these free radicals. They cleanse your body of toxins, making you feel and appear younger. Also, IV drips are infused with antioxidants like Vitamin C and Glutathione which fight free radicals.


Treats nutrient deficiencies

People who are sick often have difficulties eating. This is where IV drip treatment comes in. IV drip treatment is effective for diseases like celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and colon cancer.


People suffering from these diseases don’t get as many nutrients as they need by consuming oral supplements. However, because the fluid is administered intravenously, it’s not broken down. It escapes digestion, goes to the cells it’s needed, and provides the cell all the nutrients.


Promotes cardiovascular health

IV drip therapy is great for your cardiovascular health. It is infused with magnesium sulfate and amino acid. Also, IV drips contain arginine and tri amino which are known to improve cardiovascular function.


Amino acid which is present in IV drips aids regulated blood pressure. Calcium on the other hand regulates the dilation and contraction of blood vessels.


Rehydrates your body

IV drips undoubtedly provide your body with the hydration it needs. For your body to function well and be at its best, you need to be hydrated. Sadly, many of us fail to realize the impact of hydration and its impact on the body. Dehydration can negatively impact our performance and it often leads to headaches, dizzy spells, or brain fog.


IV drips can rehydrate you, giving your body the required fluids for energy, clarity, and stress management. Also, IV drips can relieve symptoms related to dehydration like jetlag and hangovers.


Improves skin clarity

If you’re seeking clear, rejuvenated, and younger-looking skin, IV drip is your best bet. Like your other beauty and skincare routine, IV drips are equally as important and shouldn’t be skipped. 


Usually, IV drips come infused with antioxidants which causes your skin to radiate. Additionally, antioxidants in IV drips eliminate free radicals in your skin while nourishing it altogether.

Reduces inflammation

IV drips containing Glutathione and Vitamin C are perfect for reducing inflammation. What they do is to reduce stressors already existing in your body.


In addition to this, IV drips help to stabilize your blood pressure, aid digestion, and improve gut health. Typically, IV drips offer anti-inflammatory IV medication benefits.


Strengthens your immune system

Some IV drips are specially formulated to give your immune system a boost. IV drips containing vitamin C, Zinc, or Glutathione aid in detoxifying your body. Also, they prevent and fight against food poisoning or stomach flu.


Additionally, IV therapy can rejuvenate your body, making it more active in fighting diseases. People with a weak immune system can benefit from IV therapy. IV drip makes them less susceptible to diseases or infections.


Other health benefits of IV drip include,

  1. Boosts your energy levels
  2. IV drip is convenient       
  3. Alleviates pregnancy symptoms
  4. Relieves flu and cold
  5. Relieves headache and migraine
  6. Cures hangover symptoms

To Sum It Up

Don’t wait till you’re sick before getting IV drip therapy. It works as a preventive measure against illnesses, boosts your energy and immune system. Also, you can request mobile services anywhere you are.


At IV Concierge, we give you the best IV drip treatment services. With the freedom to choose your IV drip option, you get your IV drip delivered anywhere you are. Contact us today.


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