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10 Major Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

major benefits of nad iv therapy

Every single cell of our body contains nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). This co-enzyme plays a crucial role in DNA repair, metabolism, and hundreds of bodily processes. But here’s the bad news: NAD gets depleted as we grow older. The good news is that NAD IV therapy can help restore its optimal levels.

Replenishing NAD levels through an IV infusion is not a new treatment. It’s been used by health experts as a complementary treatment for a variety of conditions. However, a lot of people don’t realize the health benefits it could bring when administered as a wellness regimen.

In this post, we listed the major benefits of NAD infusion and why you should consider trying it:

1. Boosts cognitive performance

As we age, our memory declines as the brain cells slowly burn out. Various cellular changes will also lead to poor memory and mental fatigue.

One of the main benefits of NAD IV is to slow down these age-related cognitive issues. It’s found that NAD has protective properties that promote brain regeneration. It can also improve mental clarity, concentration, and overall brain function.

Aside from that, NAD therapy shows the potential in slowing down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. This is possible by giving the brain a natural boost.

Remember that NAD infusions won’t treat any neurodegenerative diseases. Still, it’s a powerful regimen that will slow down your cognitive decline.

2. Aids with alcohol addiction recovery

NAD IV drips are often used as a complementary treatment for addiction recovery. It works by flushing out toxins brought by excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

Aside from that, consumption of these substances will deplete NAD levels in the body. When this happens, the brain won’t have enough energy supply.

Through NAD treatments, patients will get to restore their NAD supply to assist with recovery. NAD binds with the opiate receptors to mimic the “feel good” effects of the abused substances. This will directly reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Overall, NAD drips should only be considered as an additional treatment. A professional recovery program is still the guaranteed solution to substance addiction.

3. Slows down aging

Since NAD is responsible for natural DNA repair, it’s no surprise that it can slow down the aging process. It accelerates the removal of free radicals, which gives an anti-aging effect.

Aside from that, NAD activates sirtuins. This is a type of protein that regulate the cells whether it replicates or dies. When there are enough sirtuins, the cells will enter a replicative cycle, which prevents premature aging.

A regular supply of NAD is seen to delay the onset of age-related conditions like mental decline and wrinkles. It’s effective in keeping the cells intact against free radicals that build up inside the body as we age.

4. Enhances the metabolism

NAD enhances the body’s metabolism, which ultimately aids weight loss. This works well when paired with enough exercise and a suitable diet.

Ample NAD levels make converting food into energy possible. Through this, your internal organs will have sufficient energy supply for optimal functions.

Initial studies also show that NAD therapy can help reduce the risk of obesity. It’s because NAD guarantees that there’s enough fuel for the body to burn fat reserves.

Also, it means that NAD allows proteins, fats, and sugars to be used as energy instead of being fat reserves.

Unlike oral NAD supplements, intravenous administration yields a higher absorption rate. It reduces wastage and prevents possible stomach upset.

5. Increases energy levels

Do you always feel sluggish despite enough rest? It’s possible that you have low NAD levels.

Exhaustion and NAD levels are closely related. It’s because NAD has a major role in the conversion of fuel into energy, which prevents chronic fatigue.

Without an ample supply of NAD, the body won’t maximize its stored fats. This means that the cells will not receive enough energy to sustain their functions. The result would be lingering fatigue and getting tired quickly.

But when you boost NAD supply through an IV infusion, you will have an overall sense of energy. You will also notice better endurance in activities situations involving strenuous physical exertion.

6. Improves athletic performance

Athletes use NAD infusions to enhance their body’s recovery capabilities. It’s because boosting levels of NAD support muscle health.

Moreover, IV therapy with NAD reduces the suppression of aerobic respiration. This translates to better endurance and overall athletic performance.

Aside from that, NAD drips can be mixed with other vitamins and nutrients to boost its effects. This way, athletes can receive personalized treatments that meet their needs.

Unlike oral supplements and sports drinks, IV infusions are delivered directly into the bloodstream. This way, athletes will feel the benefits almost instantly. This helps with faster workout recovery, especially for those with intense routines.

Aside from being a post-workout treatment, NAD drips are also suitable as a pre-workout regimen. It doesn’t have any adverse side effects either, which makes it safe for almost anyone.

7. Reduces body pain

Many individuals get NAD infusions to manage their pains and aches. NAD is proven to regulate the body’s inflammatory responses, which is integral in pain management.

Sufficient NAD levels can reduce inflammation, thus easing pain in the process. There are also ongoing studies on how NAD can be used as a form of pain control.

Still, those who are under medications should consult their doctors first before getting NAD therapy. This is to check potential contraindications.

Aside from that, NAD helps activate antioxidants, which also works in decreasing inflammation. Some studies also indicate that NAD boosts can lessen the symptoms of diabetes.

8. Beats insomnia

A disrupted circadian rhythm will lead to sleeping problems and insomnia. In the long run, lack of enough sleep will speed up aging, further depleting NAD levels.

Aside from that, insomnia will cause brain fog, irritability, and forgetfulness. This will impact your productivity during the day since insomnia triggers daytime sleepiness.

NAD IV drips can help combat this problem. The accuracy of your body clock or circadian rhythm partly depends on the cellular NAD levels. If it’s too low, your body clock won’t function properly, which is the main culprit behind insomnia.

Aside from disrupted sleep, insomnia will result in mood swings, hormonal imbalances, and a slew of other health issues.

9. Helps reverse sun damage

Our bodies use their NAD supply to repair damaged cells due to excessive sun exposure. So if you always bask under the sun, it’s a wise move to get a NAD IV drip. This will give your body the extra power to combat cellular damage.

Aside from that, a study suggests that a person’s sunlight sensitivity increases when NAD levels are low. The UV rays also make the cellular repair less efficient, which is a double down if you have NAD deficiency.

As mentioned earlier, NAD is responsible for the proper function of the sirtuin enzymes. These enzymes also contribute to proper cellular repair due to sun damage.

10. Combats stress

Chronic stress negatively impacts ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production. ATP is the energy-carrying molecule responsible for the transport of fuel all over the body. If it’s too low, you’ll feel exhausted, weak, and even more stressed.

With an IV infusion, you can restore your body’s NAD levels to combat stress. It will also enhance the production of ATP to ensure that energy is distributed properly.

Aside from energy distribution, NAD will also reduce stress-induced fatigue. This will make you feel refreshed, especially after atiring week at work.

Experience the NAD IV Therapy benefits

NAD IV Therapy has a long list of health benefits. It’s also a versatile way to deliver nutrients into your bloodstream without suffering from stomach upset.

With a high absorption rate, quick results, and natural ingredients, there’s no reason not to consider this treatment.

If you’re interested to try a NAD IV drip, you can call IV Concierge. We can go to your location or visit us in our suite. Our goal is to make wellness convenient and accessible for everyone.

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